Sunday, May 1, 2011

Highs and Lows

I am so excited to be able to do the Highs and Lows post this week! I had an awesome week and am very excited to share it!


1) Nothing can compare to having your child's birthday party going off without a hitch!
2) Weather holding out and not raining on my house until 1.5 hours after her party was over.
3) Having my new blogging buddy Jen bring out her lovely husband Jake and three beautiful daughters to Laci's party (I am confident she probably thinks I am crazy now though)!
4) Going back to the gym after about five months off.
5) Not having any breakage or spills at the party (there were three spills after the party was over, hahaha)!
6) Cake turning out better than Jake or I could have imagined.
7) The parents having just as much fun as the kids.
8) The look in Laci's eyes looking like she was one of the happiest little girls in the world!
9) Asking kids as they left i f they had a good time... They all said yes! My job was DONE!
10) The face painters doing a wonderful job!
11) The bounce house tarp fitting beautifully on the bounce house!
12) The bounce house guy dropping it off on Friday so that I could make last minute adjustments.
13) The food all being perfect!
14) My awesome husband Jake putting up with my crazy crafts and ideas and letting me throw an awesome party for Laci!
15) My husband telling me I was "The Queen of Parties" (what a great compliment)
16) Being so prepared that I was able to take it slow and easy yesterday and not feel like a chicken with my head cut off.
17) Laci opening her presents and getting some of the stuff that she wanted... She was so excited!
18) I could keep going but it was such a wonderful week! I feel like I kind of have to cut this off because it was just such an amazing week I really could keep going.


1) Laci's face after she realized the bounce house was taken away yesterday... She was so upset. I told her it would be back for her 5th birthday. :)
2) My BFF and her family being out of town for the party.
3) Still thinking it might rain during the party.
4) After working out on Friday I thought I was going to die! Note to everyone cycling leaves bruises on your arms till you get the hang of it. I stink if that's any reference! I had huge bruises on my arms but luckily they mostly went away before the party.
5) My legs and feet hurting so much from standing all day yesterday.
6) Taking down the decorations in the house. They are completely down and the house looks SO sad. Anyone want to help me decorate so I don't look like I just moved in?
7) Not getting much sleep and waking up at 5 am the past two days.

This wasn't just a great week it was totally stinkin' awesome!!! It really couldn't get much better than this! My life rocks because my husband is so amazing and my daughter is wonderful. This linky par is awesome because it reminds me what I did this week and made me think that it really was a great week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. Thanks for linking up! I don't think you're crazy :) I had a great time, my girls had fun too! The decorations were amazing, seriously, you should be a pro. Can't wait to hang again!

  2. Oh, I hate taking down decorations! Especially after Christmas...everything feels so boring after.

  3. Sounds like your birthday party rocked! No way am I letting my kids read this! They think cupcakes are what makes a birthday great! Wonder how many years I can pull that off? I'm terrible at planning things like big parties. I'm amazed at all you did! And the fact that you pulled it off in such a way that you could relax and enjoy the day of! WOWZA!

  4. Glad you had a great party! Saw the pics of the cake...WOW!


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