Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dr. Seuss Party Recap #2 - The Cushion

So I was able to get a cushion with Laci's picture on it from a company called Bags of Love in time for Laci's party. We got so many compliments on this cushion, it was truly amazing. I can't begin to tell you how awesome the quality is! Not just that, now I have it in the house and it is a perfect reminder of how stinkin' cute she can be when even when she is a little stinker!

It gives the information on the site about the products they use on each thing too for example on the cushion I got it says,"Our cushions are handmade in London from high quality materials. We print the fabrics and then sew them into the cushion covers. Our fantastic pads are filled with real duck down feathers. That is a superior filling compared to others who tend to use polyester pads that don't plump up after a few uses. Click on the images below to view detailed photos of our cushions. NB Feather Allergy sufferers! Don't worry - we also offer a polyester pad version intead of feather - you select this option."

What do you think? Becuase I absolultly heart my pillow!

Here it is in my glider chair... doesn't it look like she is just sitting right there next to you... How fun!


Here it is on my couch:

Bags of Love Tag:

Most adorable little zipper pull on the planet!:

Back of the pillow just incase you are wanting a quick change but still want a nice pillow:

I really would like to do something for some birthdays or holidays coming up now that I have seen how great the cushion I got is! I mean really have you ever wanted to give a gift to someone but they have everything or what you can craft yourself wouldn't be quite right? Then you are stumped trying to come up with the perfect gift? Bags of Love makes some completly amazing products! Here is a list of some of the categories that they offer.

Canvas Prints
Bedding and Cushions
Books & Albums
Cards & Calendars
Photo Montage
Home Gifts
Pop Art Ideas
Other Cool Gifts
Digital Gadgets
Gift Idea Generator

They currently have a couple of good deals running, so be sure to check their site here for some of the different discounts they offer in getting you a personalized item for you, or your someone special! Oh, and if you are like me and need a currency converter that link should fix you right up.

Tomorrow I am thinking of doing some of the decorations or maybe some of the food. Any requests on what you are dying to see? Let me know because this might be a painfully slow recap for some of you. :o)

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