Thursday, May 12, 2011

Simply Inspired - Classic Bruschetta Pizza Review

Alright, so I have seen all these reviews and recommendations on this Simply Inspired pizza by FRESCHETTA® for their Simply Inspired Line.

So last night at the store we were in a hurry because the hubby had to go some where at 8. So we had enough time to make this pizza... Well, the package looked yummy, and it said 12-14 minutes. So we decided to try it.


I can tell you 12 minutes was too long to cook it. It was REALLY crunchy for a thin crust. Too crunchy really. The flavor while it was great... the pizza was REALLY greasy. Would I get this specific one again? Probably not. Would I try a different one? Maybe. Was it worth the money? Sure. Two people ate for less than $5 bucks. Would I recommend this one? On the fence about that one. Anyways, thought I would through my own opinion out there for this one.


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  1. That's interesting! Mine wasn't greasy at all. I bought some different varieties after I tried the chicken bianco. I'll have to check and see if I got the Bruschetta. My oven always runs hotter so I usually under cook things by a few minutes. Maybe that was the difference. I think it's awesome that you tried it for yourself!


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