Monday, May 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss Party Recap #1 - The Cake

The cake totally deserves it's own post... really it does I promise!

I know everyone has been patiently waiting for me to start telling you about the party. I was so busy leading up to the party that I didn't really get the chance to post much and it was kind of disappointing that I wasn't able to tell you more before. However, I guess that means I can fill you with surprises and tell you all about it now. It is going to take me a LOT of posts to get through this, because I want to do the party justice and take one thing at a time and not rush through it just to get it over with.

So with out further ado... the cake came from Say it with Sugar in Downtown Wylie, TX. They are uh-mazing at what they do. Jake wanted a 4 tier cake because Laci turned 4. So a 4 tier cake is what we got, not that anyone else really enjoyed the symbolism. :o)

Bottom to Top of Cake/Filling Flavors:
Bottom Tier (red) - Vanilla with Vanilla Cream Filling
Second Tier (blue) - Chocolate with Oreo Cream Filling
Third Tier (yellow) - Carrot Cake
Smallest Tier (green) and The Hat - Banana Cake with Banana Cream Filling

Is your mouth watering yet just hearing the flavors? I wish I could share it with you more than in pictures because it was just awesome. My favorites were the Vanilla with the Vanilla Cream and the Carrot Cake. Just wonderful. They were all excellent, but those two have already made me gain 3.5 pounds. I have to say that I am not leaving that cake in the fridge to spoil either, the weight will just keep packing on till it's gone, then me and the gym will be best buddies.

Ok, so we kind of let them have free reign with the cake and just said have at it. OMG it was just stunning. Everyone at the party agreed that it was one of the most awesome cakes they had ever seen. Are you ready for the pictures yet?

Here is the awesome cake I have been talking about...

Need a size reference? Here is my 4 year old sitting next to it...

Here are some close ups...




It was pretty cool because Jake was smart enough to tell me to get to-go boxes so that our guests could take some with them... Beacause we sure didn't need to eat all the left overs! So what do you think? Pretty awesome and totally deserved it's own post right? Tell me what you think because I will think you are pretty stinkin' awesome if you leave me comments!

Tomorrow I will be talking about one of the accessories/decorations I got for Laci's party... it is beautiful and you sure don't want to miss it. They would be great for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, just because gifts... you get the idea, they are pretty awesome and that isn't the 1/2 of it!

Hope you are having a great start to your week!

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  1. You are absolutely right...that cake needed it's own post!!!!! It is spectacular and those flavors sound great. Wish I lived closer...I would help you pack on the weight:-) I can't wait to see the rest of the party!!!

  2. Love that cake! The colors are fantastic!!

  3. Oh my goodness - this cake is so amazing!!! I wish I could have such a party and such a cake! Unfortunately here in Germany Dr. Seuss is not very much known ...
    But the cake is CRAZY! LOVE IT!

  4. what a memorable party for your daughter! She's a lucky girl.

  5. how much was the cake?

  6. More than you want to spend, but unforgettable! So if you are interested in a cake like that go to your local bakery and ask them what they would charge.


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