Monday, May 23, 2011

Highs and Lows

My internal dialogue this morning is repeating over and over... "I survived the weekend, I survived the weekend, I survived the weekend..." So this morning is starting off with coffee and LOTS of it. But because I really enjoy this linky party, before I do anything else, this is getting done so I can recap the week.


1) I got all the birthday party and baby shower gifts made for the parties we/I went to this weekend done by Thursday night. (will post pictures when I decide to plug my camera in to my computer and upload pics)
2) Had a great time at the birthday party we went to for a Cheer friend on Saturday morning. It was at Young Chefs Academy in Frisco... they were great and the kids had an awesome time.
3) Enjoyed a couple hours with my BFF and her kiddos for her sons Pre-K graduation party at her park/splash pad.
4) Had a rockin' awesome time at Taste of Addison with some soccer friends and Jake, got to see a couple bands I had heard of and then saw Third Eye Blind (dude I actually knew 4 songs... who would have known).
5) Went to a baby shower for one of the kids moms in Laci's class and was thrilled to see that she liked the gifts I had made/bought for her.
6) Laci did her back bend back kick over ALL BY HER SELF... WOOT WOOT!! We were so proud of her!
7) Laci was also one of the 4 flyers yesterday! She was so stinkin' cute! She REALLY wants to fly. Hopefully she stays tiny enough to fly.
8) At Taste of Addison the Charbroil lady Jake was talking to was so excited that Jake was excited and gave him tons of free stuff. The best thing was this little scraper tool for his grill that cleans off the stuff left behind. She was GREAT!
9) Stayed the night at the Springhill Suites in Addison so that we didn't have to drive. This allowed us to have an AWESOME time and we actually stayed up till 2:00 am. OOPS! It was so worth it because we were having such a wonderful time!
10) Cooked out with the family last night at our house and spent some QT with my new lil Nephew... he is so stinkin' cute!


1) I was so worried the entire week last week about getting the gifts put together and done, and worrying about getting to each place on time, packing, etc. that it made the week very stressful. I don't think I could have worried about anything else for this weekend.
2) At the birthday party Saturday morning Laci acted like a little baby. It took me 20 minutes of her sitting on the bathroom floor cris-cross-applesauce-spoons in a bowl and telling her that she needed to go in the other room (we could see her through the glass and she could see us) and stop acting like a baby. It frustrates me to no end, because some parents think it is cute and sweet, me on the other hand thinks... LISTEN CHILD... YOU ARE 4 YEARS OLD AND WILL GO TO SCHOOL NEXT YEAR, YOU HAVE TO STOP ACTING LIKE THIS! IT IS HORRIBLE! She makes me embarrassed every time she does it, I mean I understand that you don't know everyone at the party, but honestly once I finally got her in there (there were some pretty heavy threats of no toys, no tv and no other parties) she was smiling and having a great time making pizza and cupcakes. Yet it took me 20 minutes of being the bad guy to get her in there. I don't like to be the bad guy, why does she make me be the bad guy? Does anyone else go through this? I am not alone right? She is too pretty and too cute to act like this.
3) I can dress my hubby up, but I can't take him out... He got Hawaiian Punch on one shirt and grease on the other. Same goes for Laci, at least I know where she gets it. She got RED Fruit Punch Poweraide on her brand spankin new white cheer shoes. It was on the tongue, the stitching, the laces... she nailed it alright! But to turn this low up to a medium I got EVERYTHING out with Murphy's Oil Soap... this stuff truly is the bombdigity! It took about 20 minutes to get everything out and ready for the washer or to set out to dry and then my hands smelled nice and MOSey (that is sarcasm at its finest.. plus it made my hands dry). But, on the upside everything came out.
4) Had to remove because I don't want people getting mad at me...
5) I didn't know it was possible to gain the amount of weight I gained in less than 3 days. That made all the work I did last week pointless. Needless to say the gym and me have a date tonight. Just an FYI... Gym (I feel like I should treat Gym like he is a man named Jim just spelled differently that I have animosity against) I don't like you today, I probably won't like you for a while, but I will see you tonight for a sweaty date.

I am sure that there is more that I am totally forgetting, but I am unable to think of. So, as a whole, the HIGHS totally outweigh the LOWS... but some of those LOWS really made me upset or angry... the weight one especially.



  1. Girl, I feel ya. My weight is the same, but I swear, I'm looking a couple of months preggers lately. Ugh. Been doing Insanity off and on, but apparently not enough to make a difference yet. I insist you unplug your camera so we can see pics! I had a stressful week too, but it's time to relax. And summerbreak is coming up next week, maybe we can get together?

  2. Jen - Yes we totally will have to get together soon for some crafty or other fun time!

    As for forgetting something I did forget something off my Lows section. Jake drove off before I relaized in a hurry I had put my coffee container on the floor because there wasn't room in a cup holder.... that meant that the container dumped out and spilt coffee on Jake's car floor mat and board. Last night I spent 10 minutes figuring how to get the attachment to work and connect to the carpet cleaner and then another 20 minutes cleaning the spots. Luckily the stains came out, the coffee smell is faint and will disapate over time, so that was at least pretty good, but not how I wanted to end my weekend! I am so glad it is Monday! I feel as if I come to work to relax...

  3. That sucks about Laci refusing to go have fun! That's my oldest too (he's also four.) The kid REFUSES to do spectacularly fun things like get in the wading pool with his friends and such. And know what you mean about having to be the bad guy to convince them to actually try it. Then I end up feeling guilty but I'm glad he ended up having fun. Arg! Seriously, should parenting be this complicated? And guilt-ridden?


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