Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Shower Gift - Baby Logan

It's no secret... I am a sucker for (A) giving gifts that I know people will not forget who gave it to them & (B) things with names on them. I wasn't expecting to be a part of this one, but when I was asked to help I of course couldn't say no. I really like this mom and think very highly of her and her family.

So for my part of the baby shower I was just told to bring flowers. Well... I don't like flowers that will die, so I decided to make a diaper cake (don't worry I got approval to change) so that I could make it in advance since last weekend was a nightmare and not have to worry about arranging them or getting them there without spilling them... you get the point. It turned out pretty stinkin cute... man I am getting good at these!
Diaper Cake

For the top little "lollypops" they are a spoon and a wash cloth all rolled up. Can we all say "SUPER EASY!!!" I was not going to spend $5 on etsy for each one when I could make them myself for $1 each. Nuff said! They turned out perfect!

The shower was really low key with just about 8 of us. It was at a reasturant so no need to volunteer a house or do food. It was fun. It was a really great setting!

For my gift I did a basket with an assortment of things she had asked for and I wanted to give. So the easy things first... Bottle from the line of bottles she uses, (2) onsies that coordinate in the basket and then some creams. Also in there are (4) burp cloths with Logan embroidered on them and the diaper wipe holders I am famous for raving about. I need to make a pattern since I altered it from the one I found and add some directions and link it up somewhere. I know Ms. Ashley over at CAAF is looking at getting a copy. Let me know if anyone else wants a copy too. Without further ado... here is the gift basket all done up and put together...
Gift Basket

Here is the burp cloth up close folded:
Burp Cloth 2

Here it is just folded in 1/2:
Burp Cloth 1

Here is an up close of (1) of the diaper wipe holders:
Diaper Wipe Holder

Last but not least... here is the happy mom to be with my creations...
Judy with Diaper Cake

Judy with Basket
What do you think?

I finally uploaded the pictures of the ironing cheat I was talking about. I may do a pre-post for it to appear on Friday while I am at the zoo so that you can finally see how awesome my new found trick is.

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. Oh em gee! Those are adorable! I totally saved the pic of the "flowers" in my baby shower file, and then realized it was yours! And yes, a pattern of the diaper wipe case thingy... sign me up!

    Looks uh-maz-ing, doll!

  2. I love those colors!! And most defiantly would love a tutorial on that diaper/wipe case. I have never seen one like that one. I will check back soon :) thank you for your wonderful blog!


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