Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Princess and the Popstar Giveaway

My buddy Jenn over at Life Crafts and Whatever is hosting a giveaway. We got the chance to be a part of the awesome watch party. I am the one that missed the memo of having their kid dress up so she was in jean shorts and a shirt that had bling. So I am going to go with that she was dressed as a popstar... k.. works for me anyways! This is what she is giving away two barbie dolls: If you want the chance to win this awesome giveaway check out Jenn's post and enter away... FYI - You will see this post until next Tuesday repeat everyday... yup cuz not only do I know my kiddo would love these dolls. I am trying to win em. You should try too. TTFN~ Julie
So I notice that a couple things are pinned and viewed more than others. I just found out though that this one post as seen here and the total credit for the tutorials goes to Ashley from Cute as a Fox. The links are all on my original post. Anyways.... this basket has been pinned over 4,688 times for one pin alone. Another showed that it had been pinned 541 times making this being pinned over 5,000 times. Uhm. I am stoked! 

***OMG... so just installed the PIN-IT button on the page and found that it has actually been pinned more than 11,000 times.... AHAHAHAHAH AWESOME! ***

Anyways, wanted to share my excitement. It is cool to inspire other people.

TTFN and happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Skylanders Checklist

Ok, so is anyone else here a Skylanders fan? "Sky Who?" Most of you are probably asking...

Well for my hubbys birthday his mom got him this awesome game called Skylanders. It is LOTS of fun! My favorite character is Cynder. I already have her to level 5 almost 6 and enjoy flying around!

So as we started getting the characters we couldn't REALLY find a good way to check off which ones we had. I scored the internets and had no luck. So I decided to create my own.

To get this checklist you will need to go here and print/download it. I also am a geek and made a cover for our binder that can be found here. Our binder has all of the stat cards for the players, yes we bought the baseball sleeve sheets to keep them in. I am even working on printable labels for the tabs since I don't like my handwriting. If anyone wants a copy of those feel free to email me at itssewstinkincute (at) hotmail (dot) com.

So how geeky am I? Pretty much feeling like the queen. But I like to be organized. I really can't help it.

On the Skylanders note I saw the COOLEST cookies and cake this morning on the Confection Perfection by Melissa facebook page this morning. Pretty sure these are more than rock my world awesome!

I am a little obsessed with this game right now, but it is just that enjoyable to play with my hubby and with my kiddo! So who else knows what Skylanders is and appreciates this rock awesome list?

Have a great day!