Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Stinkin' Cute Craft Thursday #65

Ok, so as my girly girl pointed out... maybe I was a little tipsy... but I was really tired too. Hope that I get sleep one of these days, because last night wasn't good either. I think it is just how hot it is lately. Even though we have it set at 75 it just isn't cold enough, which is wierd since I am always cold. Anyways, feature time...

I LOVE these pinwheels by Ashley my girly girl over at Cute as a Fox! I most likely will be doing them for Laci's Wonka party next year!

Ms. Lindsay over at Diary of a Crafty Lady made some super cute camera strap covers. My hubby would probably shoot me if I did one like that, but I think I could get him to support a Cheer Athletics style one that is blue black and white... I may have to try soon, because they are really nice!

I am about to start my own Halloween quilt so I was excited to get not one but two super cute quilts linked up this week.

First one is Grace's quilt by PA Country Crafts... it has pinwheels and is just adorable! I love the colors. Lindsay you did a wonderful job!

Next is this beautiful Modern Chic Wedding Quilt from Just Sew Sassy. Staci you must post a tutorial on how you did this. It is just simply beautiful!

Great job everyone... I wish I could feature you all.. there are so many things that I want to make and wish I had more time! Hope you have a great day! Now go link up your new project! Oh, and features grab your button!

Let's get to linkin'!!
1: Please link craft projects only that you have done (not advertising an Etsy site or giveaways unless they are something you have made that you are giving something away)!
2: If you post the same thing 2 weeks in a row that comes from the same post I will delete the link!
3: If you are posting a picture of something that is not what I consider a craft. While I love photography this is not what this link up is for! I will delete the link.
4: Linky Tools will remain open until next Wednesday evening so there's plenty of time to link your projects!


Rules for linking:
(1) Link to specific blog post, not blog home page!
(2) Link craft projects that you have done!
(3) Make sure to visit a few of the links and leave some comment love!
(4) Linky Tools will remain open through Wednesday, August 3rd so you have plenty of time to add your projects!


  1. Thank you for hosting your link party!

  2. Tired or a little Tipsy? LOL! Read that first paragraph again. :) Hope you got some sleep last night! I need to send you a "catch-up" email. I've had the worst week ever, and I could do with some friendly chit chat! I'll try to do that this afternoon.

  3. I plead the fifth... I was doing it on my iPad, so it isn't quite as easy as on the computer... now I am just being a little bit lazy and need to post features. Can't wait to hear from you! Hope your week gets better!

  4. I did not link up an awesome sauce but I did link up a pretty cool tutorial to get everyone ready for SHARK week!
    I am having trouble sleeping too! I wonder what it is!!
    HUGS and here's to goo sleep,

  5. Julie, Thank you so much for featuring my camera strap covers!! What a fun surprise:) Hope it cools off a bit soon!


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