Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crackle Paint Name Board

I am so excited to share this with you... so when Jake was out of town two weeks ago I wanted a craft project to keep me occupied. I knew exactly what I wanted to do... So I grabbed a board I had found, went to Lowes and grabbed soem Valspar Weathered Crackle Paint, the two colors I wanted, and a top coat... then went home and got to work. The process is explained here. Basically though you have to use flat paint, or it won't work.

So once I got the black dried (this was my base coat), then I put on the Weathered Crackle Paint (Middle), then once that was dried I put the white on-top... it is like magic as it starts working before you can start painting your surface, so work quick!

After the board part was done and the top coat applied it looked like this...

Then I used my SCAL program and cut vinyl out of my last name in all caps, est. 2003, and some scrolls to put on the sides. I LOVE how this turned out!

I know the picture is blurry... sorry, the upload for this one picture was blurry and I didn't have a chance to take another one.
Lawson Sign



So what do you think? I personally think it is a keeper, and am REALLY thinking about doing this as gifts for people for Christmas this year. The cool thing is that if I make them now I can practically do it for free because I already have the paint and vinyl... just need wood. :o) It was so much fun to see the end result.

Hope you are having a great day!



  1. I love it! I really like the flourishes you did by your name too. Did you get married in 2003? You must have been just a baby. :) I got married in 2004 and I think I'm a year or two older than you. I sure felt like a baby when I got married. Glad you found some highs from last week. I saw your first post and I was sad you were having such a rough week. Hopefully this one is better!

  2. Ashley... You are so cute! Yes I was 20 when I got married... I had so many people tell me that I should wait, it wouldn't last, yada yada yada... We had been together since I was 17, so it wasn't like I was rushing into anything. I was always more mature for my age anyways, graduate HS early, was already 2 years through college. I wasn't your typical teenager. The hubby is 8 years older than me (we didn't know that when we met for like a month), so we balance each other out very well. This October will be 8 years... All I have to say to those doubters is go find something else in your own life to worry about! Yeah... the lows were so rotten that I just wanted to stay in bed for the week. I mean what can go wrong if you stay in bed all week? But I am glad that things got better. I can't stand to be in a sour mood, it just isn't me or who I am. Anyways, hope that you are having a great week! <3 Julie

  3. That's awesome! Definitely worth the wait, with all the talking you were doing about it. You did an awesome job, chick!

  4. Ok - you have totally inspired me to try this! It looks so good and I think it would make a great gift for anyone on your list. I love reading your blog and appreciate your honesty with your highs and lows posts. Here's to hoping for more highs!


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