Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dragon Scroll from Kung Fu Panda

So Saturday I picked Laci up from spending the night at her Grammy's house and the entire way home she kept saying she wanted to buy a Dragon Screw... At first I was like WHAT?!?!? Then I finally realized when she was talking about when she was referring to the panda and tigress.

I looked up on my phone if you could buy a toy one and no go... We "looked" in the three stores we went in to see if they had one, but as I already knew they wouldn't so we "looked around" anyways.

After the second stop I thought about it for a second and said... Laci, let's make one. At first she insisted that she wanted to buy one, but quickly gave up on that since she finally was understanding it wasn't something you could buy.

So for those of you asking... what is a dragon scroll... here is a picture of the one in Kung Fu Panda:

Here is the container the scroll is in.

Here is the inside of the scroll (see how it is blank, but "shiny")

Scroll outside:

So I got the supplies together, put in a movie, and Laci and I made her a Dragon Scroll, and the entire time worked on how to say Scroll instead of Screw. It is now coming out Scrow... we are getting there. I mean she can say Sk-roll, but putting it together is no bueno.

I started with the outside figuring that would be the hardest to figure out, grabbed a paper towel roll, construction paper, an empty spool of ribbon (yes I have some for random projects like these... see they come in handy), hot glue gun, & yellow paint.

Covered the paper towel roll in red construction paper, took apart the spool and covered each side with green and cut around them...


Shame on me for not getting a picture of it, but I took some cardboard and hot glued it down in an X the right size of the hole so that it would fit perfectly. One side was a little loose, so I fixed it permanently to the roll... (oddly enough, 5 days later, the loose piece is missing - who would have guessed - Laci said It's OK you can make another one <-- OH I CAN CAN I? :o) )

Then the scroll container was put together, but wait, it needed paint to match, so Laci painted some, not all, of the outside in yellow to mimic the one in the movie (hard to see in the picture, but there is yellow paint on there).

Now that the hard part is done... on to the easy part:

Laci started by painting the green dowel rods (like the movie), then I cut the fabric to fit the rods (by the way, make sure to cut down your dowel rods so that they will fit in the paper towel holder, I think I had to cut mine down 3 inches or so, but just eyeball it) then let Laci paint the back of the scroll with yellow accents like the one in the movie. Once she was done she wanted Laci, Mom, Dad, & Kami (our Dog) written on there, so I did that part.

Unfortunatly, er um... I mean, in all accuracy Laci wanted to have the middle part shiny to match the blank part of the scroll. Looking through my fabric stash I found a bright yellow and was internally praying that this would please her... it did.. So I cut that to match my red piece, once the red was dry glued wrong sides together and then hot glued them to the dowels.... Volla... Amazing Dragon Scroll all for the price of FREE!

Here she is pulling the dragon scroll out of the container...

Here she is with it open...

Here is the blank inside...

Laci likes to be Tigress... here she is after we picked her up from school on Monday (face painting day)...

And to show you how fearless my Tigress is, here she is at cheerleading not 45 minutes later...

So what do you think? How did I do? I think I did pretty good. I mean it was free and looks like a scroll. What more could the kid want... Oh wait... to play with the thing with me for hours on end the rest of the day. I love her, but sometimes my life doesn't want to revolve around Kung Fu Panda. Anyways, it was fun to make with her. It was really our first larger crafting project together that kept her attention.

Have a great day!



  1. Super cute and good mothering points! And that picture of her cheering is amazing! She's so brave!

  2. I'm kind of a blog stocker. You know the kind who follows but next never comments. I just have to say there are very similar pictures of me when I was little (I loved Garfield) and they were taken after I wander through the grocery store with a parent. lol. She is super cute.



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