Monday, July 25, 2011

Highs & Lows #14

I am starting with the lows this week because although there were not a ton of them they were just bad this week, and want nothing more than to end on a high note.

1) Body started acting funny... not sure if it was because of my new diet, but regardless I went to the doctor for that and also talked to him about something else... he tells me that basically he can try and fix one thing, that the other he will give me a medication for, but chances are it won't work... and basically I left there feeling kind of bummed. I mean we go to the doctor to get fixed, not for them to tell us they can't do anything.
2) Go get medication and take it... 6 days later have the worst hives rash blotchy spots all over my body (sans arms and face thank the lord).... took Benedryl and luckily the spots went away. Guess I won't be taking that medication any more.
3) Getting out of the car I asked Jake if he had gotten Laci's cheer bag since my iPad was in it. He went to go get it out of his trunk and my iPad fell out of the bag, popped out of the case and on to the drive way. Screen = BUSTED... I was already feeling like a mac truck hit me so I just started bawling... I mean my luck this week was in the negatives and that was a lot of money we didn't need to go spend to replace it.
4) Learned I shouldn't post when I am sick or upset... or both, I felt bad about only posting lows and immediatly took the post down.

1) Friday at work after being in meetings for 2 days I got to play around with our new software. Needless to say I figured out how the best way to manipulate the report it gave me to do a job in under 10 minutes. It was like the angels were singing and I was doing the happy dance... No really I was doing the happy dance.
2) I scored at our soccer game on Friday night. Uhm... dude... it was a total fluke, but I scored!!! Woo HOO! It has been years since I scored... But it has also been years since I played too, so you know I am getting back into the swing of things. Wish my knee would let me kick the ball as hard as my other knee though. Eh, I'll take the small victory.
3) Jake immediatly scheduled an appointment at the Genius bar with Apple not an hour after the iPad busted... They took some information and swapped it out for FREE... I couldn't believe it. I was so happy! I tried to do a back up of mine before he took it, and when I did the restore from backup on the new one it didn't work right. So I have to figure out where I had everything again and buy a new case, but it is better than the alternative of paying $850 for a new one.
4) My blogging buddy Jen stalks her google reader and checked on me even though I had deleted the post about being upset. Thanks Jen... I appreciated you checking on me.
5) Right after Jake and Laci left for the Apple store I fell asleep till about 7:30, got up for an hour and a half and then went back to sleep... I am feeling much better this morning... just wish that I could take the one medication that is giving me issues.. but I will take feeling better over the alternative.
6) Bought an Eye-Fi card this weekend. It is the best invention on the planet. I don't have to do anything but turn my camera on and it will upload the photos to my flickr account and to my computer. I LOVE this thing and am so extreemly happy to have it! Now I have no reason to be lazy on posting because all I have to do is take a picture of something and leave the camera on in the house and the pictures will upload. Awesomeness at it's finest!
7) Finished my crackle project! I can't wait to share it with you tomorrow. I LOVE it so much!

I have tons to do, so if I remember anything later I will add it.



  1. Of course I'd check on ya! That's what friends are for.

    So glad that they were able to fix your iPad, that would have been an expensive mistake. And yay for scoring!

    Sorry to hear about your lows. Can't wait to see your crackle project!


  2. That Eye-fi thing sounds awesome! If everyone else out there knows about it, don't think poorly of me for my lack of techno-savvy-ness.

    Crappy lows, but your highs sounded pretty good! Some weeks I struggle to get the highs in there too, but I always feel like it was a good exercise for me to do it. Wonder why its SO easy to remember those lows! Wish I could just flush them from memory!

  3. The Eye-Fi card is awesome! I had no idea about it until my techy hubby mentioned it. I think he secretly knew I would love him even more for making my life so easy. You can get them at Best Buy or online. I strongly urge anyone who has wireless in their house and hates taking the memory card out to upload pictures to give it a try. It is as Jen would say "awesomesauce"! It is way to easy to remember the lows! I mean I had some great highs last week and they did truly outnumber the lows. The lows were just so low (said in a deep deep voice) that it was just crummy. But this week is better! Hope you are having a good one!


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