Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Highs and Lows #11

Totally erased this post when doing Highs and Lows #12... great job Julie... eh. That blows.

This is all that remains from that post.... GRRR!
"Ok, so this is going be pretty short because I forgot to make notes last week and my memory is failing me at 10pm on a school night (figuratively speaking).Highs1) I got to make cookies with one of the coolest chicks ever! Jen over at Life Crafts and Whatever asked me to show her how to make cookies with royal icing...."

Lets see what I can remember... I made cookies with Jen over at LC&W, spent a lot of time with family. Finished a baby gifts for my sister to give to someone I don't know. Laci got bit by (1) fire ant and we had to take her to the doctor and get medication... $50 for one ant bite. Things could always be worse though and she could be allergic to something like peanut butter. Uhm, other than that, My memory blows and I don't remember a thing. That's why I like doing this so I can remember. Eh, oh well!


  1. I think you are the bomb diggity yourself, my dear! That stinks about Laci's ant reaction, but yes, there are always worse things out there. You can come over and craft anytime, love! I'll keep ya company!

  2. Jealous that you girls are neighbors! I don't really cook and can't really decorate, but if I only lived in Texas, I would come over and eat all the ones that got messed up! Or I'd poke my finger in the good ones so they looked messed up, then eat those!

    That totally sucks about the ant bites!

  3. LC&W - can't wait until our next cookie adventure... Would I scare you if I put how many days and counting? No. Ok then... 37 days and counting until another cookie decorating session commences. Maybe this time I will slow down and actually walk you through what I am doing. :o)

    WMB - I love that we live close by. 30 minutes is nothing in DFW. Heck, I drive 45-60 minutes away from work, so your like a hop skip and a jump away. Love it! As for the messed up one LC&W's hubby claimed the one that looked like it had been shot. I was practicing the wet on wet technique, it didn't work so well for me. Yet Jen got it perfect the first try. I suck at the decorating part. Eh, they tasted good though. Trust me though there were plenty on my side of the table that didn't need pokes, they were trifling all on their own. ;o).

    As for the ant bites, I think we are going to try and get an appointment with an allergist so that we can maybe get a more permanent solution to ant bites. The bigger she gets the more she will play outside, the more she will play outside the more ant bites she will probably get. Plus, if she is that allergic to ants I am worried about bees and such. But, in the grand scheme of things, there are always people worse off than me, so I'll take it!

    You two have a great day!

  4. Thanks so much for the potty training link, I love that stool!
    Amy @


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