Monday, July 18, 2011

Highs and Lows #13

Blah... really that's how I feel, but I want to get this out.


1) Laci's team got in their cute outfits for practice.... She didn't want to take the sports top and hot pants off. They are so cute on her.... Must post a picture of her soon in these, it is just jaw dropping adorable!
2) Got some reprieve when we went over to a neighbors house and Laci played with their kiddos, then they came back to our house and played a little bit. It was awesome because there was no fighting at all and they were perfect little angels. I got to have some sanity for a little bit. It was nice.
3) Family came over and hung out on Sunday night, we watched my sisters wedding video and then watched mine. I didn't realize just how dark the room was where we had our reception, but overall I love the video.
4) 12 days and I am down 7.3 pounds... I must admit, although I despise diets I am doing great. No soda and no carbs has been a tough pill to swallow, but I am getting used to it. Now if I could just go to the gym a couple more times a week I would be down so much more.
5) Laci started working on her front walkover. Awesometastic!
6) Finally catching up with my work stuff from everyone being on vacation.
7) We got Laci all signed up for Private Kinder starting mid-to end next month. YEAH!!!
8) Started working on a project that I have been wanting to do with Crackle paint. It is awesome! I ordered the vinyl to cut that will go on top of it. I am super psyched about it and can't wait to show everyone when I am done.
9) So totally should be #1, but I am not about to re-number all these suckers... so Laci and I were on the way home from having lunch with my mom on Saturday... she kept saying, I want a Dragon Scroll (well it really sounded like Screw or Scrow) I told her OVER AND OVER AND OVER again that it wasn't something we could buy. She insisted that we look for it in Home Depot, Lowes and Macy's... finally I said to Laci, "Why don't we just make one?" at first she was like... no I want to buy one, I finally convinced her we could make one... It turned out so adorable. I have to post a how to on this one too. It was easy and she had so much fun making it... only downside was that she didn't want to stop playing with it after we made it. I finally was like... Mommy doesn't want to be a super hero or a dragon warrior right now, can Mommy rest. She was so cute that she loved it so much. I give that a double tick in the Mommy column that (1) I didn't buy anything to make this and it was FREE using the supplies I already had & (2) That she loved it and was still playing with it the next day... again... and it was FREE!
10) Yesterday on the way to cheer I had 25 minutes to get there and had to stop at the bank to pull out cash. The lady in the silver convertible in front of me wouldn't take the left crossing traffic.... (Insert me cursing under my breath here) and yelling for her to go. Finally on the 5th or 6th time she could have gone she went, a couple seconds later I was able to go. Still peeved about the situation I said, "Someone should teach her how to use the gas peddle and put her foot to the medal". Laci said, "Yeah, you should call the police and tell them they need to teach her." I said, I don't think they would do that hunny... she then asked who the person was, I said I didn't know, she asked again and I said "Someone who can't drive very well!" Laci then said "Was it Grammy?" I DIED LAUGHING!!! I immediately called and told my sister who made me repeat it to her hubby since it was so stinkin funny... all the while Laci is in the back seat crying out "Nooooo, DOn't tell Grammy..." I told her I wouldn't, but come on... this was the funniest thing she had said all week and it was AWESOME! I think from now on I am going to write one funny thing Laci says each week, because no matter how mad I am some days she really always seems to turn the situation around and makes me laugh. The darn things kids say! LOVE IT!

1) Jake was out of town from Thursday and isn't returning until today (Monday). I love my child, but I am exhausted from the weekend.
2) Fought with my iMac over the HUP program that I thought would be great... instead I didn't get the one program I wanted and my have to buy the iStudioPublisher for Mac. Whatevs. It ticked me off, but I am over it since I have since found an alternative solution. Just a little miffed that said alternative solution costs $70 bucks. Boo!
3) CRAFT FAIL - I had a total craft fail when I thought I had JACKED up my printer... I was trying to do a surprise gift for someone and totally had a flub.... My printer was eating the thing, so that did not go well. I will try another couple options, but I really want to do this surprise gift for them... Can't post my craft fail until it is given because I don't want to ruin the surprise...

Eh, aside from having a headache and I am doing ok. I wish I had some guidance on another issue I am currently dealing with, but I figure it is something I am going to have to get used to.

Hope you have a wonderful week!



  1. Girl, you totally could have come over here and let Lacie run off some energy! I'm totally curious about your craft fail, I'm in the middle of one right now. Doing a damask tray that the winner won, and i got one light coat of the stencil paint on there. And then the heat curled up the stupid vinyl, so now I'm going to have to free hand it. Grrrrr!

  2. So...I had to google "dragon scroll" and yet I still can't figure out what it is or how to play with it. Whaa? Post it! I want to see!!!

    And that "bad driver" convo is priceless. So funny!


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