Friday, July 8, 2011

Making Cookies with a Blogging Buddy

2nd attempt at this post... if blogger deletes this again I'll scream... :o)

As I said in my #1 on Highs from earlier this week, I got to make cookies with an awesome chick who is none other than Jen over at Life, Crafts & Whatever. She had asked me if I could show her how to make Flood Cookies.

Uhm, duh who wouldn't want to spend time with such an awesome blogger... I mean really she had to ask?

So we decided to do it at her house because of how long flood cookies take to dry. Because we were doing this at her house and I wanted to make sure she had everything we would need, I asked her about some supplies. So... here is how our e-mails went...

Me: "Do you have a kitchen aid?"

Jen: "I don't have a kitchen aid, is that a blender thingy?"

Me: "I will bring my kitchen aid to make it go a little faster this time, its a beast, but worth bringing."

Me: "You have at least (2) cookie sheets and a cooling rack right?"

Jen: "I have cookie sheets. I can't promise that they aren't all rusty, but that's what tin foil is for, right? And what's a cooling rack? Can i just use a grate out of the oven? Can you tell I haven't done this before?" <--- no you don't say

I had to go to the cake store before I went over there, so Friday night I stopped by to grab some specific gel food colors and and picked Jen up her own cooling rack...

So the morning of going over there I get out everything to take:
- Kitchen Aid
- Cookie Decorating Box(yes I have a large clear box that has all the cookie decorating goods in it... don't judge)
- Sifter for the Powdered Sugar... I knew Jen wouldn't have one if she didn't know what a cooling rack was she would think it was another strange gadget.
- Big ole rolling pin
- Cooling rack I bought for Jen, so she now knows what this is and how to use it
- Two cookie sheets
- Other odds and ends

So my bad on actually teaching her how to make the cookies, I just was putting in the ingredients and following the directions, it wasn't until later that she said... you kind of forgot to show me how to make these (OOPS! - it was my invitation to come back and help her again I guess <-- I got off on August 12th - woohoo!!! so I will be over at Jen's house making cookies that day)... it wasn't until we started cutting out the cookies that Jen actually got her hands dirty...

Cutting out dough

Then after they were done being baked we started decorating.

Jen decorating:
Jen decorating

Me decorating:
Julie Decorating

Julie Filling in.

Both of us (Jen is the pretty one... I am the pasty white one):

Jen's pretty cookies:


Now I am sure you are asking yourself where the pictures of my cookies are... mine didn't deserve photos taken of them. I think her Jake (both of our awesome hubbys are named Jake) said something like it looked like "I shot my cookie a couple times" when I was trying my wet on wet technique the for the first time. Needless to say, Jen's were much prettier and I told her that in August when we do this again for Ava's party that I would bake them and outline them and she could decorate them.

Before I left for the day we were able to get this adorable picture of the two of us... again, Jen is the tan, skinny and pretty one and I am the pasty white one showing off my 4th of July spirit.
two hotties...

I had so much fun and can't wait to do this again on August 12th.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. How great that you get to meet up and do some baking! The cookies look wonderful!

  2. Boo. I left a totally awesomesauce comment and my phone went stupid and it didn't post. I swear I don't sound so air-heady in real life. I'm just not a baker. I'm totally going to jack this post and do a cookie one too. Except in mine I'm not clueless and you're the bossy one LOL! love you, excited about the 12th. And I'm pretty sure you're the only one who's ever called me tan. Pretty, of course. But tan? (ha I kid I kid)


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