Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love the pom pom style!

Maybe it is the cheerleader in me, but I love the look of these pom pom products that I talked about in yesterday's post. So I went home and got to work.

Hair bow for Laci (although with my hair pulled up in a loose ponytail it looked really cute on the side):
hair bow 2

hair bow 1

Pen for me:
pen 2

pen 1

Possible necklace for me - I need your opinion and advise, is it too big for me? Pardon the no makeup look going on... I like it, but think it might be too big, either that or I am just not used to wearing things that big.
necklace 1

Anyways, it was nice to be crafty last night, but as for the necklace I wish I could muster up the confidence to wear it. I put it on this morning with a black an white outfit and it looks better than with the picture above... I don't know, need your advise!



  1. I'm not a big jewelry wearer either, so I can see what you mean. I like the flower for a necklace, but I think that it is a little on the big side. Maybe you could do 3 or 5 smaller ones and glue them to a piece of felt. That could be really cute.

  2. OMGoodness! Everything looks so great!!


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