Friday, July 1, 2011

Pick your what?

Pick your Plum...

These suckers went so fast I wasn't able to share it with you, but I am super excited that I got (4) of these stamps, one for my sister, one for my mom, one for Jake and I and one for Laci.

I was thinking about getting one for my BFF and one for my in-laws, but my BFF keeps talking about moving and my in-laws are moving down here in a year. So maybe they will have another deal next year.

Anyways, I saw this site a while a go... not sure where, on someones blog I think, something about a giveaway perhaps? Anyways, I started to follow them and get their daily e-mail showcasing the different thing they are selling that day. This was the first one that I jumped on because of how perfect it was for gifts for the fam, plus I wanted one too.

So what I am telling you is that you should sign up for these e-mails so that you can get cool daily deals too!

Hope you have a great holiday weekend! Happy Independence Day!



  1. Where can I order the stamps from??

  2. That's just it... Pick your Plum only has daily deals that they sell until they run out. They had already run out by the time I got around to posting about it, but their deals each day are really neat! When I get them if they have more info on where to get them from in the future at full price I will let you know.


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