Monday, July 11, 2011

HELP! I am looking for a tutorial.

****UPDATE - The lovely Ms. Jenni over at Kissed by a Frog came to my rescue super stinkin' quick less than 30 minutes I would say.. and told me where the awesome pens were... they are over at PolkaDot Whimsy and are these awesomely cute suckers...*** THANK YOU JENNI!!!!

If you follow the trail from PolkaDot Whimsy to Sew Sara this is who originally did the pom pom pens and has the pom pom pens info and the headband tutorial here...

Last week I think on Friday I ran across an adorable set of pens that had a cute little flower on top of them made of fabric and the pens were wrapped in fabric too.

The person was doing them for her friend who is a thirty-one gift consultant to give as gifts. The pens were pink, black and white. I loved them and wanted to make some. Silly me I forgot to pin it to pinterest. So instead have searched for over 3 hours looking for it again and can't find it.

Anyways, the person that made the pens linked to the tutorial for the flower that someone had made to put on a headband. She had altered the tut to make the pens. Anyways, I want to make them so bad and can't figure out for the life of me where I saw either thing.

HELP!!! If you know where I can find this I would really appreciate it!

Thanks and have a great Monday!



  1. Is this what you are looking for??
    Hope so! Jenni

  2. No problem girlie! I knew exactly what you were talking about! These pens are adorable! Have a great day and thanks for the shout out!!

  3. Ysy for Jenni. Those pens are awesome. I think I need to make me some of those too

  4. Did you make some? Thanks for linking back to my blog :)


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