Monday, April 5, 2010

Mickey Party Food - Party Recap #2

Ok, so after a week, I think I am finally up for going into detail about the party. It was so much fun to plan, exhausting, and then recouping from the party has taken much longer than expected.

The food was wonderful and EASY. We had so much stuff that didn't have to be cooked. Here is a picture of Chef Mickey's kitchen...

Here you can see a clear shot of Daisy's Donuts. I ordered 20 dozen (yes 20 dozen, and well over 15 dozen were gone before the party ended). This was easy and pretty cheep. I ordered them from our favorite location the weekend before and went and picked them up the morning of the party. It was GREAT! You can also see the chips and dip... The little tag for this read Dale's Dip. I know what you are already thinking... the little tags are TOTALLY unnecessary! But aren't they cute? Just wait, it gets better.

Here from left to right you have Pluto's Popcorn, Clarabelle's Candy and Goofy's Goldfish. For the popcorn I went to our local popcorn store called Popcorn Papa and bought a bag of plain regular popcorn. Why? Because I didn't want my house smelling like popped popcorn and I didn't have to worry about it burning - a good $7.00 spent in my book! The candy is MnM's and just bought a big bag of them at Sam's Club. I also got the goldfish at Sam's which was great because they make a great snack for later.

I did miss getting a good shot of Minnie's Mix and the fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements, these are about as good as those shots got.

Next we had our hot dogs... ahem... I mean Donald's Dogs. I hate having bun packages all over the counter, and this basket just made it all CUTE! Don't you think? Oh, and this was the only cooking we had to do the day of the party, but I don't really consider putting hot dogs in a crock pot cooking, but they were GOOD!

Toodles also had a food item, it was Toodles Tea... clearly from the picture we forgot to start making it until the party started... eh, it was still fine since we had so much other stuff to drink in the coolers outside.

Now onto my favorite things from the day food wise. First something I didn't make... The small 6" cake that had the candles in it. This was from Say it with Sugar in downtown Wylie. Let me just say.... YUMMY and CUTE! All she did was blow out these candles and as a family we ate this the next day.

One of my favorite things was the cupcake tree I did... I made all the picks on the tree with my cricut using black paper for the Mickey Heads and sticker paper for the 3's and Happy Birthday Laci centers. What do you think?

Still not done....

My favorite thing of all was the dessert stand. Yummy!!!! Here is a picture of the whole thing and then I will talk about each one.

First we have Laci's Lollypops. These were a mix of chocolate Mickey heads (used a mold found on Ebay - I don't remember which company I bought it from though but it was pretty inexpensive) and dipped Oreo pops. Quick note that White Oreo's are better for dipping as they are not as breakable (if you want more information on how to dip these, just let me know). Thank you to my mother in law for being a dipping expert on this one. I was nervous trying them, but she was done before I could blink my eyes and they were sooo good!!!

Next was Pete's Pretzels. Now I kid you not, that had we bought these pretzels at Say it with Sugar they are $1.00 a piece. Hello, earth to Say it with Sugar.... I made like 80 of these in about 20 minutes. If I had bought them from you I would have spent over $80.00. Um, no thanks. To do these all I did was take Almond Bark, melt it in the microwave in a plastic bowl that was safe in the microwave, and then once it was liquid enough used a spoon to pour over the pretzel. Then I laid it on parchment paper. Pretty easy and well over 1/8 of the price. While they were still wet we decorated them how we wanted except the drizzle ones we waited until they were hard.

The biggest hit of the day was the Mickey's Marshmallow Munchies. My mom has a secret for her Munchies... they are always so good! We used the cookie cutter we got in January to make these, both adults and kids alike were all over them. Now as a suggestion. When you go to make these and mold them. Instead of cutting the Rice Crispy Treats, you need to pack it in the mold from the top. It is not only easier, creates less waste, and have clean edges. Now as a quick note spray the cutter, your parchment paper and your hands in Pam, just thank me later for this note.

Are you tired from reading this yet? Well lets just say, I still have much more to post about, but for today I think the food says enough.



  1. I found your blog from My Frugal Family and I lOVE IT!. I'm a follower now. This party looked fantastic. Great job, I bet your little girl LOVED it!


  2. wow when in the world do you find time to do all this?

  3. I am going to be doing SO many of these for my son's third party now! I know copying makes you fat but these ideas are PeRfEcT!!!!!!!

  4. Jen - that's what it is here for, ask me any questions you may have... It turned out great and I still forgot to share somethings because honestly I was Mickeyed out by the time I wrote some of these posts. So if you are thinking to yourself, what did she do for the gift bags or how did you do this, or where did you get that. Please ask. My e-mail is and I welcome any and all questions or comments. I do this blogging thing to share and also copy others stuff too, so in no way am I bothered... I can't wait to hear about your event! Make sure to tell me how it goes!

  5. Oh, and incase Anonymous comes back and looks again... I do this when Jake is watching one of his shows I don't like and go to my mom's school, or at night in the living room while watching a movie after Laci goes to bed. It is so much fun it isn't work, it is just like any other hobby. I really do excel in event planning, so I am surprised that I am not still in the business.

  6. Where did you find the large cut outs of the gang and the clubhouse?

  7. Betsy - My mom and I made them. You can see the posts on these starting with the post in February about Cheap and easy party decorations... e-mail me if you have any questions... itssewstinkincute @ Thanks for the question. Julie

  8. I love love love love all your rock
    Quick question--- how did you make the food labels?? Did you use Avery labels printed them with image of mickey n later laminated them.
    Thanks will be waiting to hear from you

  9. Vandy,

    I printed the food items out on cardstock, cut them out, matted them on the colored paper so that there was a frame around it, used an ink pad and distressed the edges for the funky feel, then laminated them with my little scotch laminater (LOVE IT, don't have one... get one, they are AWESOME! and really inexpensive at Walmart although buy the laminating pouches at Sams or Costco). Then for those little characters Michaels has or at least had them in the scrapbooking section by the stickers. They are actually cardboard characters. I thought about printing the ones that were missing to attach, but I didn't want them to look funny/different than the cute ones I already got. This makes me realize how much I have to do for her 4th birthday party coming up at the end of April... YIKES! Good luck and if you have any more questions or that didn't make sense, let me know and I will fill in the missing pieces. Have a GREAT day!

  10. The party is sooo cute!! we just had my niece's 3rd birthday the other weekend and her theme was Mickey Mouse Club House!!! Love it!

  11. Wow, you need to do this for a living. It is all so very cute and detail oriented and just perfect. What a lucky Mickey Fan!

  12. Saw you on the favorite hatemail site. :) I love your party! Makes me want to visit Disney. Your 3 yr old is lucky to have had such a nice party. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

  13. Hi, I know you had this party 2 years ago, but I am dying to know where you got the Clubhouse bowl thingy that holds the fruits? Please, respond if you see this! Thanks!

  14. Thanks I hope you don't mind if I use some of your ideas... I am planning my boy/girl twins first birthday and the theme is Mickey and Minnie :-)

  15. where did u get the labels I am doing mickey theme for my 2yr old bday party this june thanks so much

    1. Oh, I made them... uhm Ok lets see if I can remember this. I printed out the names on cardstock about 2x3 inches long, then I matted that on different colors and left a 1/2 inch border all the way around... then I took a black stamp pad and skuffed the edges (don't know a better word for it sorry)... then laminated them. Then for the characters I found those at Michaels in the scrapbook section and stuck them on there. Hope this leads you in the right direction...


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