Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doodle 2012 - Part 2

As I mentioned in the first pictures of Doodle from this year we have lots of fun in our house.

Doodle has been very busy and shows no signs of stopping. He still has some other ideas up his sleave and has gotten some good ones from friends, neighbors and bloggers that for some strange reason enjoy seeing my blog that has been kind of sad lately... thanks to all of you. I might never post if there wasn't that looming guilt that someone might be interested in what I am doing. Any how.... here are the past 14 days of fun with Doodle!

Day 14 - Doodle decided to pull out a puzzle and let Laci put in the last piece...

Day 15 - Doodle decided to see what Laci's bow door is all about. He even found one that matched his outfit and decided to wear it for the day.

Day 16 - Doodle decided to play Guess Who with Ken. Laci is REALLY good at this game!

Day 17 - Laci spent the night with Grammy and decided to wait for her by the front door and watch the clock until she got home. That morning I got a call from Laci and she was so upset wondering where he was since he wasn't at Grammy's house and worried about what he was doing.

Day 18 - Doodle decided to make a count up to Christmas and have Laci put a cotton ball on each day of the month. On Christmas Santa will have a full beard.

Day 19 - Thanks to a reader Doodle got a great idea to make Laci an ornament. He took the picture that was taken of him, Laci and Santa and put it inside an ornament. Too cute Doodle!

Day 20 - Doodle found some Toy Story stuff in the closet and was reading the book and found a coloring book that had never been used. He should have gone and grabbed at least Woody and Jessie to read with but as I recall he forgot to move and woke up at 11pm and then again at 1am remembering that he needed to do something. So he grabbed the bear by the kitchen to read with. I would say my child has too much stuff because she thought all of this was new. #itwasn'tnew

Day 21 - Doodle decided to spy on Laci and make sure she was behaving for the day.

Day 22 - Doodle decided to have a photo booth... Uhm, totally awesome and fun! He got the idea from here.

Day 23 - Doodle was having some fun with the Barbies again and decided to have a kissing booth. Hehehe. To stinkin cute! He found that idea from the same place but the link is here.

Day 24 - Doodle was tired... he had gotten this for Laci and put it away for a day he didn't have much energy. Laci was so excited she wanted to make them for breakfast. Mommy vetoed that. Will make them on a day with less going on.

Day 25 - Doodle found the perfect house! He is using a Build-a-Bear box and asked Laci to color it. She had fun coloring with Gramma.

Day 26 - Doodle heard Laci reading "Lucy's Lemonade Stand" with mommy while drying her hair and decided that it would be perfect to make a lemonade stand. I am just saying... Doodle rocks at using my Silhouette Cameo!

Day 27 - Doodle got tired again and decided to use an easy idea from his stash. He grabbed the blocks and made a castle!

Doodle already has plans for 4 of the 5 days left.... just has to come up with one more idea!

Hope you are enjoying reading Doodle's antics. This has been a long year of having him around! Next year he may ask Laci if she would rather him hide from her or do the fun random things. Can't say which one I personally would prefer. Can't believe that it is almost Christmas. I still have SOOOO much to do!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Doodle

When Laci turned (3) we got our Elf. His name is Doodle, and he likes to do crazy things. Every year Doodle comes the day after Thanksgiving. Beacause Thanksgiving was so early this year, Doodle has already had 13 days of fun...

He is starting to run out of awesome ideas. Let me know if you have any ideas I can pass along to the little fella...

Day 1 - Doodle made his grand entrance by making a Countdown Until Christmas for Laci

Day 2 - Doodle was held hostage by the army men.

Day 3 - Doodle got thirsty and wanted syrup...

Day 4 - Doodle held a concert for Laci's lego men.

Day 5 - Doodle played Mexican Train with the barbies.

Day 6 - Doodle went hang-gliding...

Day 7 - Doodle got a little tired and wanted to read in bed.

Day 8 - Doodle went fishing...

Day 9 - Doodle wrote on the mirror...

Day 10 - Taking a peppermint bath to smell good for Santa's visit!

Day 11 - Laci told Santa that when Doodle ziplined it was her favorite last year... so he ziplined that night...

Day 12 - Doodle got hungry and made star sandwiches.

Day 13 - Doodle is looking for a house... this one is a little bit small... he may have to find a bigger house that isn't so cramped.

When Santa came for pictures on Sunday he talked to Doodle to find out if Laci had been good or not.

Then because he can give back Doodle's magic he let Laci hold Doodle and give him a hug. She loved that!

We had a great visit with Santa as always... we love him!

What an awesome picture!
DSC_0699 - 2

Doodle still has to come up with about 19 more days of things to do... so if anyone has any ideas... help an Elf out...