Monday, November 16, 2009

Sew Excited!!!

Ok, so pun totally intended! I think I am going to be getting the Viking Mega Quilter next weekend with the frame and cruise control.

I know I just got my other machine last year, but I LOVE sewing and after the quilting I did on Saturday night I can't help but love quilting. It was AWESOME! I am really excited. I am not quite sure how I managed to talk the hubby into it, but I did tell him that I would be willing to pimp out my quilting skills so that I can make some money back on the thing. I just need to get the word out there once I have done a couple and feel comfortable taking on other peoples work. I mean if I screw up my own stuff that is one thing, but I hate to screw up someone elses stuff, you know!

Anyways, I know I have been sparse on here lately, with work and trying to get this gift done I am just fully exhausted. Although I do have LOTS of photos to share and am planning on doing the Take the Time Tuesday tomorrow so that I can share the best ones from just this past weekend.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Amazing & Exhausting

These are just two of the words that I would use to describe my last week. I am entirely exhausted, but completly amazed by all that I have learned and now know that my career path is taking a different turn than I originally anticipated growing up. With this will come A LOT of hard work, and dedication, but I am ready, willing and prepared to take on this challenge. What is it you ask? Two years ago I started working in the Loss Prevention department for a national company that sells beauty supplies. In this last week I have decided that I do want to become an investigator (to which level is still to be determined), but I want to do this more than anything I have ever wanted. Will I have a hard time? YES! This is expected as it is a man's field and I am a female that is 5'4" and may be seen as a push over. Why do I want to do this? Because it will be a daily challenge to better myself. Anyways, I will do my take the time Tuesday tomorrow and talk more about my amazing week, Halloween and I will also work on addressing a question from a reader I got last week.