Monday, August 31, 2009

I feel guilty!

So I really had the intentions of blogging this weekend, along with my intentions of crafting this weekend. Yup, both of these didn't happen. Jake ended up having to drive to OK on Friday night for work, so after gymnastics instead of going to the soccer game I went out to dinner with the family. I had the WORST service at my FAVORITE place. So sad, so sad! But, the food as always was AWESOME! Sweet Temptations is home of the famous rock cake and I don't think I have ever had a desert there that I didn't like! Their soups (although odd in ingredients) are always so wonderful.

I know small picture of the rock cake, but you can go here and click on the picture to get a larger screen shot. Anyways, we got home late and then of course I did one of the lanyards. It was easy, but took a little bit longer than I was expecting. I also did a key chain one for my mom with lady bugs and of course I am a goof, because I didn't take a picture of it. But here is the one for Halloween... I still feel like it needs something extra (maybe something shiny), but I don't know, we will see.

Saturday morning was wonderful, Jake and I went to the Wylie Quilt Shop called The Blue Ribbon Quilt Shoppe and picked out some stuff for a present for someone. Ok, well I can't say who or what it is, but it will not be for birthday, but maybe Christmas. The only tease you get is this. I know it is mean, but come on surprises are fun... aren't they?

After that we went to my mom's house and I took her to Suzy's Quilt Shop in Garland. My mom is one of those people who I would prefer to get her to pick things out. She likes surprises, but is definatly one to prefer to pick something out. And trust me... I am not going to spend all that time for her not to like it. So this is what my mom picked out for Christmas.
While Jake and I were at the Wylie quilt shop we also picked out stockings for me to make for the three of us. Only two are pictured, but it was 6 am when I was taking these pictures this morning. Give me the benefit of the doubt.

Aside from this we had a pretty lazy day Saturday, I managed to finish the whip stitching for the binding on the back of my quilt. Pictures later this week of the finished product.

Sunday was a blast, we went on a walk in the morning, went to Peter Piper Pizza (like Chuckie Cheese, except better pizza, but worse game area), and gave Laci her new sneakers. Anyways, that was the weekend. I am feeling guilty because I didn't get any of the crafting I wanted to done, and I now have more projects to tackle. Hum, I am not selling any more items (aside from the one bag that I have already started, although I am still waiting to get paid from one before I start sewing this one together - next time payment upon delivery - NO EXCEPTIONS!).

I might pre make some stuff to sell on etsy eventually, but I have to admit, it just isn't worth it at the moment. I am also not going to be making any more baby bags for gifts either. So if you are inviting me just to get one, it's not going to happen (sorry I am a little bitter at the moment about something). Not trying to tick any one off, because it very well might, but you know what it's ok. If you are really my friend it won't, and you will understand. Ok, well enough of my venting on that.

I have to get back to working. Here are some of the pictures from PPP and of Laci's new kicks! Hope everyone has a fantastic start to their week. It will be a busy one for me, but I will still be trying to get some posts up.
(Crazy child on the Ice Cream Ride with her best friend Mikey)
(Laci and Mikey... um, Laci, please keey your eyes on the road...)

Laci's New Kicks... aren't they cute!

TTFN! Julie

Friday, August 28, 2009

I am in Lanyard Love!

Ok, so I am super excited that this (picture below) came in the mail today!

I know horrible picture, but it is so that I can make this (picture below)... ok, not pink since it isn't for me, ok, what I am saying I ordered 25 of those things above plus 5 yards of the 1 1/4 inch webbing in black... I will be making one with pink for me, but that isn't why I bought them.

Ok, so I have to give a shout out to Little Birdie Secrets. These three ladies have a talent! They not only know how to make nifty things, they also show you how easy it can be. This lanyard doesn't look hard to make. The tutorial is here. Let me know if you make one too. I can't wait to make this! Oh, I went to the jcreative (this is the site they refrence to buy their materials from), but to be honest they were a little expensive. So I found another place online (Crafters Vision) that sold the little Nickel Key Chain Fobs for .40 cents which was like .30 cents less than JCaroline Creative. Crafters Vision is awesome and I will be a forever shopper on their site. The package came in just a few days... ok I was impatient I really wanted it sooner, but it still came really fast (ordered on the 24th, shipped the 25th and arrived in the mail on 8/28) . The only thing they were out of stock on that I needed were those split key rings, but I found some at Walmart.

Anyways, I hope that this project turns out as good as I envisioned! Who am I kidding I know it will! I can't wait to post pictures of a couple of the finished products, not all... I have secrets to keep you know!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Designs By JuJu

I love cute stuff and I have to tell you one of my favorite places to get cute appliques from is from Designs By JuJu. I love their stuff. They have the best sets of appliques and I am never dissapointed by the product that I turn out when using their designs. Below is a picture of the t-shirt I made last night in under an hour from one of their little designs. I am planning on doing quite a few applique shirts for Laci to wear in September-December of all of the holidays. The applique / embroidery sets are VERY reasonably priced, and once you are returning customer you get even better deals. I LOVE THEM and will forever be a customer!

This applique is from their DBJJ386 Treats n Tricks Halloween Applique Set I encourage you to check them out. I have over of 30 of their sets and love every one. I just with I had the time to make something to go with each design. Love it! I have another awesome project coming up soon too. I can't want to share once I have perfected it!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 - Exhausted - Stick a Fork in Me I am DONE

Ok, so yippie... I am now at 10 posts, I love using Flickr to upload my pictures to, so much easier and better than uploading them to a blog site. I love using blogger/blogspot to do my blog, it is so much better than what I was using before!

On to why I am so exhausted and am cooked. I finished the second baby bag set last night and am delivering it today. I forgot to put my label in it, but if she really wants it I can stop by and add it in less than 10 minutes and that is with hand sewing it in and waiting for my iron to heat up and cool down. I have so much to do today, so this post will have mucho pics (there are more on flickr)... to see the others or to see them larger you can go here to my flickr account... well this is it for text... TTFN!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Week

It has been a crazy week and today is only Tuesday. Sunday I was feeling a little crummy from the late night on Saturday, just had that blah feeling all day. Totally my fault though, I really should have had something substantial to eat before the evening began. I didn’t my bad! Hopefully I will remember for next time. Anywho, we still managed to go quite a few places, Half Price Books (managed to leave with nothing… this never happens), Best Buy (same thing, didn’t even have the urge to buy anything), went to Walgreens where we got some photo’s printed and picked up some drinks, went over to my moms, went to El Fenix for lunch, went to Fry’s, that day was never ending! During Laci’s nap we pinned some stuff together for the baby bags.

When I got home on that night I was able to finish everything but one piece for one of the bags (done Monday night), and on the other bag I will be finishing it tonight so that I can deliver it tomorrow. Pictures of the completed set are below. Bad picture because I didn't have my camera, but it really did turn out pretty cute all in all.

Yesterday at work was nuts, I was slammed all day. I had the intentions of making a post, but it was time to go before I knew it. Not that it was a bad thing, but the day flew. On the way home I managed to get my tank down to 1 mile before empty (maybe I was pushing the limit just a little too far). Either way, I made it to the gas station with out pushing the car, so victory point goes to me. Grabed Laci, went home, got stuff together, went to mom’s, then to Jake’s soccer game. They lost, but it was ok it was his first day back, plus there are a couple guys on the field from the older Weekender’s teams that well, how do I put this nicely, um… could use some practice?! They played a great game though. One of the guys got a red card because he may have said some choice words to the ref… oops! Anyways, delivered the above set of baby bag stuff and went home and got in bed.

Before falling asleep I was looking at a quilting magazine and saw an add for Accu Quilt. Anyone have one, or looked into this? It looks pretty nifty! I would like to know more if you already have one, and if it is worth it.

TTFN - Julie

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Official Clothing Piece

Ok, so I have wanted to make clothing from scratch, and since I wanted to make Laci a pillowcase dress I decided that I would practice so that if there was anything I wanted to change on the real one that I did that I would like the final result. Well I am glad I tried it, but overall there is only one thing that I would do differently, that would be that I would prefer that the arm holes be 6-6 1/2 inches instead of 5 inches. I did it so much smaller than the instructions because I wanted to make sure it wasn't coming down too far under her arm. The one I made is wearable still, but it comes right under her arms. Plus, if I make it 6 1/2 inches, next year she will probably be able to wear it as a shirt with jeans.

I am excited that it turned out well and to boot I learned how to do french seams. I didn't do the final french seam part down the sides, but that was because I didn't feel like it needed it. It looks fantastic, now Laci on the other hand had just woken up from a nap and wasn't in the mood to be photographed, I will take another picture after we take a bath later. These will definatly be a staple item I will be making to match some of Laci's outfits. I love that you can make it a shirt too.

Anyways, I have to finish eating lunch, give Laci a bath, get ready for the game, take Laci to my moms for the night and then go to the soccer game... oh and of course going to karokee after. Yeah!!!

Have a great afternoon/evening!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Short and Sweet

Ok, so it is Friday (technically Saturday) past midnight and I am so exausted. The dog kept me up all night last night and then today after I got rid of the huge headache I crafted.... alot! It felt great! I made a ton of stuff for the craft swap today and then worked on lots of stuff for the the baby bags. You will see the envelope looking things in the back of the picture. These are the diaper/wipe holders. They hold a small wipe case and at least 4 diapers. They are awesome and one of my favorite functional items I make. Anywho, I am almost done with everything! Yippie! I only have a little bit to go on the bags and one changing pad. Should be done by Sunday night. I am doing quite a bit of stuff tomorrow with Mom, but I can't wait to go to JoAnn's tomorrow morning! I am getting some stuff for the swap... Ok, well with out further ado the pictures of stuff that I did today for the baby bag sets, and I am totally ready to be done with these sets for a while. I have one more set that I am contracted to do, but some of the stuff is already started, so it isn't too bad.

Maybe tomorrow I will upload some pictures of my mom's class room that is sensory overload. Tomorrow night I am going to Jake's soccer game and then out to Karokee. Hopefully the DJ has the new song I really like and want to try out by Kristinia DeBarge. Not really proper since I am married, but darn it I love the song Goodbye. It is so catchy. You can go here to watch it.

Thats all I have for tonight, until tomorrow, have a good one!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

- I am starting to get excited about my swap, I have to admit I was terrified yesterday morning when I re-read the info about my swap partner and read the words "don't like too cutesy" AGH>>>>> I really feel like my life is one ball of cuteness! But it's ok, I am changing what I am doing, a lot more handmade stuff I think will be in the works. I have post-its and lists of things I can do a mile long it feels like. I am solid sold on at least 5 items to make handmade/altered, now I just have to get started. The other 8 are still up in the air, but I did buy a couple things already and I am not sure if I am going to use those or re-puropse them. Anyways, enough on that but now that the fear has been lifted and I found the COOLEST idea for something to make this morning I will be making a lunch trip to Michaels and can't wait to try that out. Plus it will make for great presents for Christmas and birthdays and I hope it is as fun to make as it looks. Although it will take some patience. Not one of my virtues, but it is a work in progress.

- I worked for 5 hours sewing last night. I have both of the bags ready to piece together. I am feeling a little peeved at the moment because I accidentally gave some extra love to one of the nylon straps with the iron. Needless to say that is WAY too many stitches to pull out, and honestly no one will notice but me (what is the saying - something like - only the maker notices the imperfections), but I have to decide before I put the pieces together if I am going to re-do the whole pannel (it is the back), or if I am going to just piece it together and say the hell with it I am not getting paid enough to buy more strapping and fabric. I am leaning on the no one will notice. It is the back and really the front with the embroidery is what people are going to notice. With that said here are some pictures of the work I did last night. I am releaved to be at this stage and may take the night off from sewing to play with swap crafts.

- Lastly, I am THRILLED that my embroidery unit bag finally came in. For those of you that know me I ordered this bag that was supposed to go with my unit and it was TERRIBLE. The bag zipped VERY oddly, the foam insert was just that foam not hard plastic, and I was VERY upset with the amount of money I paid for something that was akward and very unusable. So what did I do? What I always do when I am upset and am good at, complain! I e-mailed corporate that the bag was awful and asked why I wasn't able to purchase the Designer Diamond Unit bag because it was AWESOME! The bag zipped all the way, it velcros in the embroidery unit arm, and was so nice. Well they wrote back a snotty kind of e-mail, but asked why I didn't just purchase the bag I wanted... well I WAS told I couldn't because I didn't have a DD DUH!!!! But anyways, my local dealer (wow that sounds bad), called and got the order number and I got the bag on Tuesday, finally last night I put my unit in. I didn't do it right away on Tuesday, because I had to put on the embroidery unit onto the machine so that I could put it in "park" for storage. Pictures are below and I am so PSYCHED that I have a safe place for it now!

Anyways, those are my thoughts for this Thursday, not sure if it will be a regular feature, but it worked for todays post as it was kind of random!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Workstation Wednesday's

That title might need a little tweaking, but it's a start. Every Wednesday I would like to post a picture of what is on my workstation. Now I say workstation because desk, scrapbook table, dining room table. Really these are all workstations and it is really going to depend where I have taken the space to feed the crafty bug I seem to constatntly have.

With that said below is a picture of my dining room where you will see that my stuff is semi clean (ok not at all, but where is my sewing machine?, it is in the Viking bag on the ground - I had my last quilt class last night) followed by a close up of the table. Then below that you will see a picture of the quilt I am almost done with followed by a close up of the binding that I am working on hand sewing on the back. Looks fantastic and I am excited! I never thought I would like doing the binding but maybe it is because it is like the finish line of a 6 week run... I HATED the quilting part though. From now on I will be sending the top off to be long armed to the back. But that was the only part I truly disliked. Then below that is a picture of my craft/sewing room that looks so messy and sad. You will be used soon I promise, maybe, ok it will be a while, but who really likes to be away from their family when they sew?

Now that you know that my house is a disaster area right now lets throw in the psychadellic frog my mom brought home from her school to give my daughter. Who in their right mind would actually pay for such a thing? Maybe it was one of those carnival kind of games and was won. Anywho, this is the new addition to my house. It will be going upstairs in the playroom. Laci has already named him Ribbet - she is so cute!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Raggedy Ann Birthday Blog Party!

They are having a A Raggedy Ann Birthday Blog Party over at the rablogparty2009 blog. Oh so much fun this should be. I love Raggedy Ann.
This love started when I was very little, my sister and I both had costumes for Halloween. This was what I wore last year to work. Dare I say I was super CUTE!!! I am so excited to see what she has in store for Raggedy Ann's birthday. With out further ado, here was my costume for last year! :o)

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am sew excited! I just signed up for the 13 days of Halloween swap over at Koala Fuzz. This is going to be so much fun and I can't wait to find out who my partner will be!!!

Weekends that go on FOREVER!

This weekend went way too fast! I feel like all I did was sew, although I know that that isn’t true. We also lost the dog one of our dogs, and found her.

So Friday night we did the usual… gymnastics, Laci is so cute in that little outfit with her hair in a pony tail and jumping around. After that we went and picked up Grammy from her school (who by the way gets her cast off today – yeah!!! Go mom, she is so excited to get a pedicure today) and then went to Applebee’s for dinner. After that we went straight home and went to bed.

Saturday morning I was so good! I got up at 7:30, cut stuff out for an hour (for sewing), then got Laci’s breakfast ready, the stroller set, got Laci up and went for an hour walk. Yup, an hour walk! Jake finally texted me at 9:30 when I was minute from being back asking where I was, guess he missed the note I left. After that we relaxed for a bit, took showers, then had a snack and Laci went down for a nap. During her nap I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work. I was so busy those two hours flew by. Once we got her up I kept sewing for a bit and then we got ready to go to the soccer game.

On the way we had to stop and Hancock Fabrics, I had run out of red thread, needed a darker blue embroidery thread (hoping that would solve a problem), and some other cuts of batting etc. I was in line in less than 5 minutes, but the checkout line took almost 10. I was so mad, and right when I was checking out they opened another line. UGH! Anyways, we ran to Sam’s, dropped Laci off at my mom’s and went to the game.

The game was terrible, they weren’t playing as a team, it makes me want to be back out there more than ever, but I am slowly coming to the realization that I don’t know if I will ever play again. :o( Anyways, after the game almost everyone bolted, but we went out to dinner with Jennifer & Tim (my sister and her husband), and Mike & Heather (some of our close friends who NEED TO HAVE KIDS). We went out to Jakes (the restaurant/bar), we like the food and you don’t have to yell to talk. At the time I was semi bummed that we didn’t go to karaoke, but later I decided it was fine.

Sunday morning I got up and started sewing, Jake got up not long after and went to let the dogs in just to find that Kaylee was gone. She dug out from under the fence. It was still so early that we weren’t able to knock on doors yet. We walked down the street and asked anyone that had their garages open if they had seen her and nada. We decided to put up signs and at about 12:20 we got a call about her. Literally the lady next door Angela had her. They treated her like royalty. She got two baths and trimmed up a bit. She looked really good actually. She said not long after we left her boyfriend came over and said that he saw a little dog running around. They thought she was sick because of her collapsing trachea (it makes her wheeze when she gets excited). It was really sweet though, they renamed her Juliet and the kids wanted to re-name their boy dog Bailey to Romeo. They said that the kids really like Taylor Swift. Anyways, I don’t think Jake was happier the entire weekend. He was so relieve that we had her back.

After that I sewed until 2:30 and we went to go get Laci. We stayed at moms for a bit but then we needed to go so that we could go grocery shopping. We finally got home right before 5. The rest of the day we relaxed, I didn’t sew at all the rest of the day, but it’s alright, just means I have more to do tonight and the rest of this week. Anyways, I am about ready to start working, but below are some pictures of the stuff I was working on this weekend. I am in LOVE with the Gavin set, it is turning out so cute!

One of Ethan's Burp Cloths & you can seeon the left the front pocket that will go on the bag.
This is the front of the bag for Gavin and the burp cloths for him. These burp cloths are my favorite and are "sew stinkin cute!!!"

Changing Pad front where you can see the plastic on top for easy cleaning.
Changing pad with the bottom flipped up. Those fabrics are so yummy!
My favorite piece of all. I love applique. It is by far one of my favorite things to do, and it is super cute. They will flip when they see how cute these turned out!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Beginning

With each ending comes a new beginning. Last week I offically took down my old blog. Why? Because it just wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't personal enough, it wasn't ME! This time around I want to be a Fun Fearless Female that tells my story and shares with everyone. I want my craft ventures and fails to be posted, I want a blog that I can proudly call my own and link back to for other people to see what I can do and to share.

With that said, a couple weeks ago I also found a blog that I was thrilled about. It had linked from one site to another on how to make something. I was so excited that I had found another site that showcased someone that was crafty and you could tell loved what she did. I hit the refresh button to find out that days after making that post that she passed away leaving a beautiful family. She had three children (the newest only 14 days old) and a husband. My heart goes out to them as I couldn't imagine the greif that this family must be going through. She had hundreds of comments, all of them saying that her blog was a true legacy for her kids showing just how much she loved them. Not that anything is going to happen to me, but I want something like that that will show my beautiful little one just how much I care about her and how much she is loved.

With that said I can't wait to make this dress for her. I think she will be "Sew Stinkin Cute"! What do you think?

And just to show you my beautiful little one, below is a picture of Laci and I at Jake's cousin Rachel's wedding a couple weeks ago, ok and another one of her at the Ft. Worth Water Gardens (she is so photogenic!).