Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30th Birthday in New York City - Recap Day 5

I have been with my company for 5 1/2 years, that is 5 1/2 years that I have driven 50 miles each way to work. At a minimum about an hour in the car each way. I have a lot of time to think, listen, catch up with people, etc. Well when I started working for the company I got a car that got good gas mileage, and as a perk it came with a free 9 month subscription to Sirius Radio. Well, lets just say that I had to start paying for said subscription because I fell in LOVE with a show.

What show you may ask? Well it isn't just any show... it is "Wake Up with Taylor"...

If you are sitting there scratching your head saying to yourself WHO? Yeah... well you need to start listening in the morning... Wake Up with Taylor is on Cosmo Radio (currently channel 108) and has been keeping me entertained for the past 5 1/2 years in my car on the drive to work.

There are some moments where I yell at the radio, count how many times Taylor says like in any given period of time, or am laughing so hard at the things they are saying I can't breathe. It is rare I change to another channel, typically if they are running a replay, but even then I find myself enjoying the show from before. But during replays I always miss hearing the "7 things you need to know before you go."

Ok, so I tell you all this to show my love for a couple of people that I consider friends even though we don't talk (weird I know). But I have listened to their lives every day:

Taylor Recap... I remember when kind of thing:
  • When Tay was still dating Mr. Last Minute
  • Started dating Mr. Perfect (Brett)
  • Got engaged on the same bridge as Sex in the City and was complaining about her shoes... although my memory is foggy... I don't remember if he actually asked on that bridge because Tay was mad about her shoes (regardless... I remember that they were in Europe and it was awesome)
  • When they got married
  • Moved... I think they are on their 3rd appartment together now... I don't know why but I picture their entire apartment being white..
  • Loves wine (red wine)
  • Has a love hate relationship with spin class/working out in general
  • From Boston, parents are adorable and have been married for like... oh forever... has a brother and sister
  • Went to school at Ithica
I really could go on and on.. but those are the major points for Tay.

Kenny Recap
  • Kenny dating his previous gal...
  • Ugly break up, but was really classy and didn't talk about it
  • Apartment being broken into
  • Wanting to live on a farm (yo... what's up with that dude)
  • Having a cat named Steve that had to have a "procedure"
  • Swearing not to date for a year.. accomplised it!
  • Finding Miss Right (I am calling her that...  because they are engaged to be married this fall)
  • Doing comedy all over the US except for Dallas it seems like... (Kenny get down here soon!)
  • Training for a movie he filmed/was in
  • Did the whole juicing thing for a while
So see.. this is just a little bit about them... I currently feel like a creepy stalker... but I know this isn't the case, they do kind of put their lives out there for others to listen to. I just happen to have listened for a REALLY long time.

Anyways, back to my trip. So I love them, not in the wierd creepy stalker way, but in the... you are my best friend and you just don't know it yet kind of way. :)

About a week before my trip I contacted Tay and told her that it was my 30th birthday and although I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet them would settle for tips on things to do in the city. Most people wouldn't respond and would just ignore you... but I got LUCKY!

What did she say you ask? "Come in the studio!" EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK! What like for real? Did I read that right? Oh I totally did! Now how to make it happen. So I contacted the producer Steph and we set up a time to come in of 9:30am on Monday, the day we left.

So Jake dropped us off at the LIRR and Laci and I took the hour and a half treck into the city. We got to the building and through security and I got to meet Steph (the awesome producer), and Taylor and Kenny the best morning radio hosts on the PLANET... no for real! They are the BEST!

Here Steph let Laci sit in the chair and pretend to be on the radio: DSC_0452

This is actually the chair that all the famous people that come in sit at... Lucky gal! Then we took pictures with everyone...
Tay, Kenny, Laci and I

Me and Steph

Then of course we had to have a funny one:

And one last pic of Laci and I in front of the Sirus XM sign:

So, believe it or not this was my personal highlight of the trip... so after only 45 minutes of enjoying thier company... Laci and I booked it back to Penn Station to catch the hour ride back to make it to our plane on time.

I so wish I could have stayed longer to talk to them. I took them some skinny tumblers (forgot to take pics) with the Wake Up logo on them and their names as a gift for letting me come in. If I ever get to go back I am going to hit them up to go to lunch with me, not sure I will be so lucky, but I would try. I feel like I could talk to them for hours.

Anyways, we had a fabulious trip. Just amazing and I couldn't have done it... any of it (getting there, etc)...  if it weren't for someone awesome... they know who they are.

So I am the big 3-0 and had the best weekend spending some awesome time with the family and seeing all of the sites.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30th Birthday in New York City - Recap Day 4

Ok, so after the crummy er... awesome... taxi and subway service we got to enjoy the day before, we opted to drive into the city since it was Sunday and there would be less traffic. Got into the city in about 35 minutes which was WAY faster than taking the subway and LIRR... Plus we were kind of over the thrill of the subway after Saturday's adventure/experience.

So on the drive in we saw some AWESOME bridges and cool buildings...

We parked like a block away from Time Square and were right where we wanted to be. So remember how I said we went to Toys R Us the first time... well, the Farris Wheel was down for maintenance on Friday and we told Laci we would go back. I tell you what we have a future lawyer or doctor on our hands because she doesn't let us forget anything... so back to Toys R Us we went: DSC_0397DSC_0416DSC_0420

Other shots inside:

Then we went shopping for souviners and other items before going to the play... Lets's ignore how much we spent for the tickets... the price was OUTRAGEOUS! But it isn't like we get to go often, so why not get good seats...


We decided to see Matilda because we all love the movie and book and was age appropriate for Laci. The play was AMAZING! The girl who played Matilda was PERFECT! Just PERFECT!

After the play we were tired and headed back to the hotel where Laci played with Beary and her Statue of Liberty Hat...

It was a great end to a wonderful day! Look forward to telling you about my personal highlight to the trip tomorrow!

Monday, June 24, 2013

30th Birthday in New York City - Recap Day 3 - My 30th Birthday!!!

So the day happened... at 4:35am... I turned 30... did I feel any older? Eh, not really. But you know it was still a milestone that I was celebrating. We had our list of things we wanted to get done and had gotten most of it done the day before.

When I woke up I got online to see if there was anything available for a harbor tour. Well to my luck I found a lunch harbor tour! So as much as we didn't need to drop another chunk of change, it was my 30th Birthday after all. Got the tickets and BOOKED it out the door to make the train.

We ended up getting to the Chelsea Piers area WAY early, and who knew there wouldn't be ANY shopping for tourists. Like NONE! Nada! Zip! Zilch... So we walked up and down the pier and saw some beautiful boats, then we went to sit down and relax while waiting for our time to board.

Laci kept us entertained with some dance moves:
(this one is my favorite!)

Then we went on our lunch tour which was pretty awesome!

After finishing our harbor tour we went back uptown to the Plaza to see the Eloise Store:
(she was a little excited can you tell?)


Then we headed over to FAO Schwartz where she got Phinny the Elephant.

After that we were kind of done and started back towards the subway where I saw this beautiful bridge:

Uhm... long way up/down... eek... this is in the subway!

One tired chicken!

Then we had an hour and a half subway adventure before taking a cab back to Penn Station... don't ask it was bad... The subways were on maintenance, they weren't going the direction we needed... then got off and went to get a cab and no cab would take us... the police officer yelled at the cabs for us. Mean people! We ended up in a Starbucks where I broke down and the awesome staff told us where we could get a cab.... I need to send them a HUGE THANK YOU! I was about to start sobbing... was kind of ending a great day crummy... but they saved the day!

Then got the cab and got to Penn Station. Missed one train by 10 minutes so had to wait 50 to catch the next one. Found a place to sit and played i-spy and Laci watched her iPad (don't judge... it is a life saver.. she gets bored easily).

Got on the train, got back to the hotel and ordered a Pizza and relaxed while watching a movie.

Was an awesome birthday aside from the Subway and Taxi's being unhelpful!

Anyways, so much to share from day 4 and 5 still...