Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Been working like a busy bee because the holdiays have crept up on me!

Where have I been? Well lots of places really. The past month has been a blur of surgery, making presents and being extreemly busy at work (when I usually take a couple minutes to post). So my mom made it through her surgery with flying colors and is doing wonderful and even already driving (mom please be careful when you are taking medication).

Although with that good news also comes bad news… our dog Kaylee passed away a couple weeks ago. She was a tea-cup Maltese and even though it was really her time it was way too soon. That dog was so good to us. She was born back in 2001 and was born breech. If not for my mom’s friend being right there, she probably wouldn’t have made it. When she was born we knew she had a breathing problem (a collapsing trachea), but we wanted her. So at only 8, Kaylee passed away. We aren’t sure exactly what from, but you could tell that she was ready. We do still have Kami who has been much more loving than ever before, but it is still sad.

Anyways, today is my last day of work until next Monday and I don’t know how much I will post. I have been so busy making gifts and have really just been exhausted from the whole thing. I still have (3) more shirts to embroider, a couple mugs and a wrap towel thing for my sister (her extent of use for the internet does not involve checking my site, so I am safe with this one), if by remote chance she does check it… she still won’t know what it looks like so it will be ok.

I have completed a denim rag quilt (pictures later), (3) hats, (3) golf towels, so many bags (embroidering names on) I stopped counting, (5) mugs, and other small things I forgot to count. Me and my sewing machine have come good friends. I feel like I should give it a name. If I do this would it be a boy or a girl? Hum, I find I get along better with men when working with them... so lets have it be a boy. It is a Topaz 30, so how about Topie, or Topher, or Taz (it is rather fast). I will keep thinking about this.

Ok well here are a couple things I have done in the last month or things that make me happy anyways…

The one that makes me happy is Starbucks… I LOVE Venti White Chocolate Mocha’s…. mum thinking about them makes me warm and fuzzy!

Things I have made are (sorry the pictures are from my phone camera so they are terrible)….

Jake’s Hat back with his name on it.

Mom’s birthday present bag

I made three apron crayon holders but here are two.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Please think of me today...

I know I have been lacking in the posting area. November was such a stressful month for me. I had projects to finish and worked probably close to 50 hours of over time during the month. My in-laws came in town, I have been sleeping terribly and to top everything off... my mom is having surgery today. I know everything will turn out ok, but still I just hate it when she is in surgery. So with that said, below is the last picture from Tuesday night taken of Laci and my mom making her candy hosue. I know it won't be the last, but still I just couldn't imagine my life without her. I love you mom! As long as everything comes back normal today I will probably start my normal posting next week. I have so much to share and also want to do a tutorial of the candy house so that you can do one with your kiddos. Have a great day, and if you could just think good thoughts for me today.