Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Party Recap #1 - Short and Sweet

The party was AWESOME! Mickey and Minnie were wonderful and the kids loved it! I am so glad that the weather was good to us, and that Laci wasn't scared of Mickey and Minnie (she actually took right too them and was leading them around the party <-- it was REALLY CUTE!!!). Below is a picture of Laci (the birthday girl) and I from the end of the party. P3270292

I have so much more to share, but I want to do a good job with it, so I am going to take one more day and a break from going into detail, then tomorrow I will begin with the food, then another day I will do decorations, general party stuff, gift bags, and many other things. Lets just say I have lots of posts that can revolve around this party. Sorry if you are getting sick of Mickey, it is almost over, just bear with me a little longer.


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