Thursday, December 5, 2013

South Hill Designs Locket Bracelet

In the past 5 months I have been blessed with South Hill Designs. I have a team of over 14 people and am making close to $750 a month PART TIME. I have been doing this by helping women start their own businesses, hosting socials (hey why not have some fun and get some bling), doing events, and really just having a blast. Once I got a team I decided that my team name would be Team Infinity.

So with that being said...

I love what I have been doing and am so excited to share it with everyone!

One of our newest hottest releases recently was the locket bracelet. It is SO super cute! I can't wait to get mine in!

So do you need some extra cash? My team calls ourselves soul sisters... why? Because we love this and have such a passion for it! So do you want to be a soul sister with me?

You can start today for ONLY $59!!!

A year from now you will wonder why you didn't take the chance... I mean really what is the worst that could happen? You spend $59, get a locket and purchase a couple charms and decided it isn't the thing for you...

Take the chance and ask me how!

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