Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Party Recap #1 - Short and Sweet

The party was AWESOME! Mickey and Minnie were wonderful and the kids loved it! I am so glad that the weather was good to us, and that Laci wasn't scared of Mickey and Minnie (she actually took right too them and was leading them around the party <-- it was REALLY CUTE!!!). Below is a picture of Laci (the birthday girl) and I from the end of the party. P3270292

I have so much more to share, but I want to do a good job with it, so I am going to take one more day and a break from going into detail, then tomorrow I will begin with the food, then another day I will do decorations, general party stuff, gift bags, and many other things. Lets just say I have lots of posts that can revolve around this party. Sorry if you are getting sick of Mickey, it is almost over, just bear with me a little longer.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shirts for the Party - Mickey Party Planning - Take 13

I am feeling the pressure... only two more days until the party. I want to hurl... I think I have about 70 people confirmed for the party. Now the weather is supposed to be good. A little windy, but compared to last year, we should be alright. I am SEW STINKIN excited about the shirts I made for Jake and I to wear at the party...

Come to think of it, this was really his idea. But we love how they turned out. Jake's logo is a little high, but when he buttons 2 out of the 3 buttons it looks fine. Mine on the other hand turned out PERFECT! I got the appliques from Digital By Design and then added our names with my 3D software. I just love how they turned out. Now there will be no mistake as to who is Mommy and Daddy at the party.

What do you think?

Shirts for Party

Shirt Logos Up Close

We are excited because we are going to keep them for Disney in a couple years. I mean they are nice polos that will stay fine if hung up. Yippie!

Won't we just be "Sew Stinkin Cute"?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Link to Easter Oreo Suckers and Apron Giveaway

Ok, so this is purely because I love the Easter Oreo Suckers! Although the apron is adorable, the Oreo pops are SEW STINKIN CUTE!!!!

Over at How Does She? today's post is Easter Oreo Suckers and Apron Giveaway. I really was not in the mood to blog about the party today. I am not Mickey'd out, just don't want to share a couple things until after the party. On that thought really quick... I need prayers! I am going to have about 65 people at my house on Saturday and need it to be 75 and sunny! Although they are predicting some wind and a 10% chance of rain, I hope the wind will be minimal and the rain will be 0.

Ok, back to the Oreo pops. Here is a picture of the adorableness!

I just love them... Don't you? Don't be surprised if I don't try to do these for the party... That is if I have time... ;o).


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank you to Dipped and Delicious!

This post is WAY overdue! So to Robyn and Julie, I am sorry... party planning has taken over my life outside of work...

In February I got this wonderful e-mail from one of my favorite inspirational sites to drool at look at during the day. Dipped and Delicious has so many wonderful things to offer on there site and the two women who run it are just to sweet (no pun intended... hehehe)!

The e-mail went something like this...

We came across your blog and noticed that you are interested in our yummy Mickey Mouse creations. We would love to send you a free sample to add to the adventures of your daughters party planning (btw-one of our daughters bd parties will be on the same day!). We love the creativeness in you and thought we could share in this joy!
-Robyn & Julie (<-- great name BTW I mean I am not partial or anything) So a week and a half or so ago I get this package in the mail. I opened it and was jumping up and down at how nice these ladies are and at how adorable these oreo Mickey theme pops are! They also came in a cute little tin and the magnet so that you don't forget where they came from (brilliant!). Anyways, here they are in all their yummyness. (How I have managed not to eat them yet is beyond me)







Absolutly adorable right!!! So to Robyn and Julie from Dipped and Delicious - Thank you so much! I have the cards and will make sure to pass them out to anyone who inquires or even just mentions that they are cute!

I am so lucky and really can't thank you enough!


Friday, March 19, 2010


I just was tickeled pink when I saw an e-mail saying I had won. Celebrations at Home is a great site to get ideas for birthday parties. I just am in awe of what seems like endless ideas that come from them.

A couple weeks ago I entered the giveaway for a large cutting board and set of four coasters by Clairebella. To enter I had to go to their catalog and pick out the design that I liked. I ended up picking the hoopla and ruby combination on the endless combination page. I just LOVE IT!!! The ribbon band part is going to say "the lawson family". Below is an image of a sample set, but I can't wait to get mine and take pictures of the goodies!

Oh, I also need to take pictures of the goodies that I got from Dipped and Delicious. I feel bad that I haven't given a shout out yet since I got them last week, it has just been such a long week and a half with Laci's birthday and all. Maybe I can take a break from cleaning tomorrow to take some pictures and make a post.

As I just mentioned tomorrow will be cleaning day. Sunday will be decorating day. Why? Well because Laci's party is Saturday the 27th of course... :o) Oh and to make things even better, it is looking good for weather!!! YEAH!!!!!

Well and we are doing it all before Jake's parents and our nephew get in town on Tuesday. I have so much still to do and this week I haven't gotten anything done. However on a good note we only have Pete left to do for the wall decorations and he will be done tonight. Yeah!!!!

Ok, so much to do I have to go although I have so much more to write about.

Hugs & TTFN~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Laci!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girl Laci! Below is the cake that we got to celebrate her birthday with the family. It is from Say it with Sugar in Downtown Wylie. the other day and below that is a picture of her before she blew out the candles. Tonight we will probably take her somewhere for her birthday (ie. Chuckie Cheese) so that she can have loads of fun!


Laci and the Cake

Sorry I have been so absent this week. One of my co-workers is on Spring Break from Graduate School and went to France leaving us with lots of work and me being extremely busy! I have so much to post, but today let me leave it with just wishing my little munchkin the best 3rd birthday on the planet!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Mickey Garden - Mickey Party Planning - Take 12

To complete the theme we had to have a Mickey garden with a Mickey in the flowerbed. If you want to attempt this... suggestion.... get a type of flower that is more of a bushy flower vs. individual Magnolias. The Mickey head took forever, and although it isn't perfect, it looks great for the purpose of going with the theme. What do you think?

Lots of work to do since we have someone out this week, but be on the lookout for the Mickey Cupcakes I am planning on doing as well as the attire that the hubby and I will be sporting for the party. I am so psyched about the shirt I made for him and can't wait to make the shirt for me!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Practical Joke

So working in loss prevention it is difficult to pull off a prank on your supervisor. Well this week the cameras are out of order and there would be no direct proof of us doing anything. So we decorated Bobby's new boot.


As payback, I come in to find my computer like this today...


I love my job, and although I feel like crud today... I still have a smile on my face!


Friday, March 5, 2010

I don't feel good & some new cute glasses frames!

Ok, so about a month ago I went to the eye doctor. He put a drop in my eye and said ok, your fine it was just a little swelling. Try not to wear your contacts so much. Well, a month later that turned into a really bad eye infection. I just went in this morning to the eye doctor and he gave me a prescription that I have to put in my eye 8 times a day every two hours for the first two days and then 4 times a day the next 5 days. It hurts to blink. :o( Oh, well he said that I will feel like new by Tuesday. Lets just say... It better!

On to a more fun topic. While I was there I went ahead and looked at new glasses. I went ahead and purchased these SUPER CUTE Nicole Miller Frames. You can't tell from the picture but they are just adorable on the inside and out. When I get them I will take a couple pictures!


Anyways, lots of work to do today. Hopefully next week I will feel more like blogging since I am working on stuff for the party this weekend!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess Who? - Mickey Party Planning - Take 11

Here is the character that we did on Tuesday night. Any guesses at who this character is?


1. Donald Duck
2. Daisy Duck
3. Mickey Mouse
4. Minnie Mouse
5. Clubhouse
6. Claribelle
7. Pete
8. Goofy
9. Pluto
10: Door to the Clubhouse
11. Mickey and Friends in the Car
12. Toodles
13. Mickey Park

My list is getting so much smaller... yippie. This weekend I really need to sit down and start putting a new to-do list together. Anyways, I have tons of stuff at work to do since it is the first of the month (which is why I have been absent the last couple of days - Please forgive me)!

Hope you are having a great week!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Hospital Bag

This is a bag that I made for a co-worker to give to her babysitter/home day care lady. Michelle is having surgery this week and Kelly wanted to put together a hospital bag for her with things to do. Hopefully every thing goes well for her, but this is the bag that I embroidered with her name on it. For Christmas I embroidered almost 20 of these, so I got pretty good at it. What do you think?