Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mickey Decorations - Party Recap #3

I am not sure why it is taking so much for me to blog about this. I mean the party was a huge success, so you would think I would just want to spill. I mean it could be that I have been busy doing other things, but alas I am going to do the decorations today.

First off, there was not one spot you could go to that wasn't decorated Mickey Mouse in the downstairs... even Jake's study doors were rocking the theme being Chip's Coat Closet (picture at the bottom). It was priceless to see the kids and adults expressions when they walked in. I know the kids thought it was awesome, the adults thought we were nuts, but by the end of it... everyone had such a good time since it was so well put together, it didn't matter.

Let me start by saying, no one would be able to miss where the party was at... oh, and there was a bubble machine that was going off as the party guests were arriving... magical entrance. CHECK!

The garage said, "Meeska Mooska Mouseketeers, Laci's Birthday Party is Here!"


The front door said "Welcome to the Clubhouse"

When everyone walked in they saw this...



Dining Room







Sign in the back yard... um... who's birthday was it again... oh right... Laci's...


My personal favorite spot in the whole house for decorations was the bathroom... Jake even got into the spirit and filled the four picture frames with the character photos. This room never had an identity before, and actually might be the one thing not to change. ***Small admission... lots of decorations are still up, but they do look cute***

With out further ado... here is the bathroom.






And because we wanted to make sure everyone was thanked when they left... here is the sign on the back of the front door... hehehe.


Still have a couple party pictures and gift bag stuff to post, but overall it was a great party and I know that Laci had a wonderful time. All the time and effort that went into the decorations and planning were worth the expression on every child and adults faces!

What do you think? Nuts or Not?



  1. Wowzers!! I've never gone 'all out' for my kids' birthday parties. I don't think I'll ever put as much into them as you do, but seeing all your ideas definitely makes me want to do more!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. So I came across your party post, and just wanted to know...For the mouse-k-tools thing with oh toodles, did you have a game or was it just decor? My daughter wants a minnie themed party. Thanks!

  3. It was just decor. We had a bounce house and slide and then also had coloring pages for the kids...

  4. I am in love with the party you did for your daughter! I'm doing baby Mickey Mouse for my son so your blog is a great inspiration! =)


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