Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Worthless Contest!

Let me just say... I don't appreciate it! Yes I am ranting (I am entitled as it is "THAT" week)!!! You know who you are... what is the point of having a contest when you don't really look at the entries. Out of all of the things I made for my sister and entered...

Baby Bag
Changing Pad
Burp Cloths
Diaper Wipe Holders
Embroidered Blanket (didn't even put it on my blog it was so insignificant because all I did was embroider a pre-made blanket)

Not Entered
Car Seat Tent

You picked the (1) for voting on that was only embroidered (the blanket) and nothing else done to it. Not the bag that took 20 plus hours to make, or any of the ADORABLE accessories... Do I care about the yard of fabric I would have gotten from your stash if I had won... NO! That isn't the point. The point is that I entered 5 things into your contest and you picked the one for voting that I had the least "HEART" as you called it. What a joke!

So, I took you off my side bar of favorite blogs... I checked out of your flicker group where the entries are uploaded... you will soon be a long gone memory, but for now... you are on my LIST.



  1. Just had a look at all the gifts you made for your sister, they are amazing, I wish I was talented enough to make them! I know my comment doesn't help, sorry!

  2. No no... Amanda I totally appreciate your comment... In fact, I love comments and it is ones like this that make it worth blogging in the first place! It was just like a slap in the face. You know. I pushed myself so that I could get as much done as possible to enter, and she picked the one thing that I didn't even feel the need to post on my site. Is it me? I mean I am totally in that kind of mood because of "THAT WEEK" but this just seemed to make it worse. If you lived in Texas... much less the US.. I would totally teach you how to sew! It is so much more fun when you do it with people! Thanks again for the comment and have a wonderful week!

  3. Eek, I would be irritated too. I think the stuff you made is adorable. Especially that diaper bag! I use a big purse as a diaper bag, which isn't fun when hubby is leaving the house without me and we have to find a random bag to shove everything in to, since he's not going to carry my hot pink purse. :) Where in Texas are you at? I'm in Rockwall, about a half hour east of Dallas.

  4. Jennifer... I just saw that... I live in Wylie! We have to get together! First off... Great name... It's my sisters name too. Even better. Our husband's names are both Jake! EEK! LOVE IT! How fun is that! Um, Hot Pink is like the best color ever! I am so totally psyched! How cool is it that you live like 10 minutes from me! Fun fun! E-mail me if you want to get together some time on a weekend or something! Itssewstinkincute @ hotmail.com

    YEAH for awesome people and great comments... see I am feeling much better already!

  5. I'm pleased your feeling better! We're all entitled to feel put out when we've put effort into something, at least your sister and her baby will have some very stylish accessories! Have a great week!


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