Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dr. Seuss Party Planning - Take 2 - Costume

First off... I have to say eek! This weekend I hit 101 Followers. I may have to come up with a giveaway or something to celebrate this momentus occasion. I am pretty psyched.

Ok, so now I have been working like crazy to try and finish up the invitations for Laci's birthday party. There are just so many pieces to it this year. I still have to stitch part of the seam of the "book invite" and then put magnets on them and then cut the directions to the right size. I am so happy that it is coming together though!

So I have been strongly debating having a costumed character this year. Primarily the reason was because I couldn't find a costume. Then last week I found one. It was from China. Um, I wasn't super thrilled or comfortable about ordering from China. But then I found another one... the "Top Hat Cat" from Character Costume Rental. I haven't heard back from them yet, but they are VERY reasonable as far as pricing goes and I am REALLY excited about having The Cat in the Hat at the party! Please cross your fingers for me. I would love to have it as a surprise for Laci!

Isn't he cute!



  1. how did it go with renting the costume?

  2. It was great! They were so nice, the quality was awesome! Wish I would have known I could have sent it ground, because it cost more to send it back two day, but regardless it was a good experience. They were nice and it worked out really well!


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