Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Gifts - Part 1 - Baby Bag

I have spent so many countless hours on this, it is truly a labor of love. This bag features monkeys, polka dots, lines, embroidery, magnets, elastic, and even a clip... here it goes.... Oh and insert squeal here that I can finally put something in a Sew Cute Tuesday at Creative Itch, just sayin. :o)

So this is the front of the bag with the embroidery that says Holden.

Here is a shot of the right front that is an elastic pocket

Here is a shot of the left front that is a magnetic pocket... it was here that I found my (insert sarcasim here) love of magnets! Did you know magnets will stick to your sewing machine plate. Let me tell you how fun these were.

Here is a shot of the inside back pocket that holds the changing pad (will show you that in another post).

Here is a shot of the inside left that is a tall elastic pocket.

Here is a shot of the front two pockets that are elastic. Good for bottles and such.

Here is a shot of the inside right that is a straight across pocket. You will also see the key/binky/whatever you want it to be clip... pretty cool huh?

So all in all here is the bag... what do you think? It's turned out pretty cute!



  1. Excellent workmanship!! You should be extremely proud of yourself. The details are remarkable! Great job!!

  2. I am stunned! You have an amazing talent that I cannot comprehend! I love the monkey fabric. I used it for a car seat tent/nursing cover. So this bag would go perfect for my new little guy.

  3. Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments!

    Morgan- that's too funny! Seeing as how the car aeat tent is what part 4 is. I am on my way to steal the car seat to take pictures right now! I'll look for the pattern I use for the d/w holder... It really is awesome!



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