Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blogging from my iPad

Ok, so I got a wireless keyboard and this thing is really stinkin' cool! I totally want to be able to blog from my iPad completely and I am testing it out. So this morning I got to wear my Sweet Peas shirt to Laci's parade. What do you think it means when another parent says, "How do you feel that people hate you because you are so crafty and cute?" I mean I don't think that she meant it in a bad way, but really I keep thinking about it and how she said it and it bugs me. I mean this craft was only like $8.00 so it wasn't like I spent a lot of money, I just took some time to do it. Anyways, what are your thoughts about that statement?

Anyways, hope you are having a great weekend! I am looking forward to going out for my best friends birthday tonight. We are going to party down. Ok, fine party down as much as a 27-28 year olds can. We try to stay up, but we kind of get bored of some of the places we go... we actually end up playing the video game all night.



  1. Take it as a compliment! It's their hard noodles if they aren't crafty or cute!

  2. First of all congrats on having 101 followers and your awesome new toy! Second of all, I find that woman rather shocking. I hate to say, oh she must be jealous, but I think she really must be envious. It's one thing to say, "Oh I hate that I can't keep up with how cute and crafty you are." Implying that other people sit around and openly share their disgust for you, is all together different. (Clearly they don't, because who does that, especially anyone that knows you?)
    For your sanity though, I would focus on the fact that she said, "Crafty and cute." Ignore the hate part. People don't think before they open their mouths sometimes!


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