Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Gifts - Part 3 - Diaper Wipe Holders

**** UPDATE - My pattern and tutorial is here... You will love it if you make one! ****

When I had my daughter, one of the things I hated the most for the entire diaper period was how it looked when I was taking her to change her in a public bathroom (restaurant, store, etc.). Not that I hated taking her... that isn't where I am going with this. I hated carrying the small wipe case and (1) diaper out in the open by itself. Not to mention if you put diapers in the bag all by themselves they get really gross and crumpled. You get my point right?!?

So I set out on finding a good pattern. Problem was, the pattern that I was using wasn't a pain in the rear end to get the diapers and wipes in there. I was trying to find the design that I used to do, but didn't put a picture on flickr. So I went to the inspiration for them so that you could see a picture. Basically they were just like this and not easy to make.

It was not really user friendly and I wanted a better design. So here is the design I have been working with since early 2008. It is an envelope style D&W holder that can easily fit a small wipe case and 5-8 newborn diapers (cut me some slack on remember the exact number - my baby has been out of diapers for over a year and a half... hard to believe she will be 4 in 16 days!!!).

Here they are...

This is a shot of both of them closed.

This is a shot of both of them opened (insert oohs and ahhs because the fabrics are swapped.... I know pretty cute!)

Here is the monkey one with the wipe case peaking out.

Here is the dot one with the wipe case peaking out.

This shot is to show you that there is still plenty of room to spare in this sucker to stick a ton of diapers.

If I had to pick a favorite thing from all the stuff I was able to use with Laci it would by FAR be these diaper and wipe carriers. You can even fit a FULL size Desitin on the side of the wipe case. We didn't have to use it much but when I needed it, it was very handy to have it in there too.

I LOVED THESE!!! What do you think?



  1. I want one! I hate having to dig around trying to find a diaper that has been smashed to the bottom of the diaper bag. This is most definitely going on my to do list.

  2. You have given me an ideal on what a Baby gifts items that I give give to the baby of my friend.

  3. So cute (sew cute! ha!)! Who makes the monkey and dot fabrics?

  4. Found the monkey and dot fabrics at JoAnn Fabrics in their baby section. There was a ton of coordinating stuff. My sister loved it... Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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