Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blast Ball Shirts

First off, I didn't post yesterday because you would have just had a huge long rant about me being peeved that I waited for 2 hours on Friday afternoon to get the iPad 2 only for them to run out before I could get up there. I am still upset that by the time I was able to order one that I won't get it till 4/8/11, but whatever, there are worse things going on in the world right now... so in perspective, my life is pretty rockin' at the moment!

Ok, so I wasn't super enthusastic about blast ball... what is blast ball? Well it is the pre-cursur to t-ball. There is one base, and all the little kids line up and wait for the kid to hit off the tee and then go after it. The kid who hits runs to the base and yells BLAST when he jumps on it. It's kinda cute now that Laci has gotten into the practices. But, this past weekend I made some shirts so that I would at least look cute at these games... lets just say I LOVE how they turned out!!!

I used the freezer paper & cricut method... have questions? Just ask me about it... I love doing this!

Here is the front design up close:

Here is the front:

Here is the back:

I made Jake one too (that says Laci's Dad of course, oh and negative the glitter) and he promised to wear it. I think he has finally accepted that I am crazy and has learned to embrace it. What do you think of them? They are pretty stinkin' cute right!?!


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