Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Gifts - Part 4 - Car Seat Tent

Although there still are some other small little things here and there that I gave my sister to go with the bag, one of my last and favorite pieces is this...

A car seat tent with Holden's name on it:

It gets even better... It buttons up. Pretty spiffy dude!

My sister really liked it... I think. I mean come to think about it, she doesn't really know how much she will use it, but I am confident that when the little guy arrives that they will learn quickly how awesome some of these things are.

Now I can't finish this part of the post without saying where I got my original inspiration for this. A couple years ago I stumbled on this amazing site, called The Thrifty Chick. Her name was Stacey, and she was amazing, crafty and I just knew that I would follow her forever. Not long after I started reading she posted pictures of her fourth child. A beautiful baby boy named Greyson. A couple days later she posted pictures of her car seat tent tutorial that I knew one day I would have to make. The tutorial is still there for anyone who wants to take a shot at it (mine is altered just a little bit, but you can easily tell what I did to change it). Then not 6 days later it was posted on her blog that this beautiful, talented, creative mother of four had passed away. The rememberance post made me cry, "The Lord must have needed a skilled genealogist (scrapbooker) in heaven and only the most skilled would do." So Stacey years later you are still remembered and have touched so many lives. Thank you and my prayers and love goes out to your family still.

Yesterday I posted information on helping my daughter win a contest. If you can help out I would sure appreciate it. In fact I am thinking about having a giveaway for everyone who votes for my munchkin. Let me know if you would like a giveaway. If so tell me the kinds of things you would want to see ($10.00 gift card, something hand made, or a surprise that I think would fit the winner). Let me know and in the mean time go vote... info below:

Are you on Facebook? If so can you please help me out and vote for my little munchkin... If you go to the Texas Monkey Boutique Page and like them, then go to the 3-4 age group photos and click like on Laci's photo... it is the one below.

TMB Spring/Summer Model Search 3-4 Years Old
Laci Age 3
Ages 3-4 Each age group will have one winner. In the event that there is a tie a panel of judges will vote on the two pictures to determine a winner. To Vote: Only "Likes" for pictures are counted toward the votes. Comments on the photos are welcome but not counted towards the votes. If anyone leaves a negative, rude, or harassing comment it will be deleted and that person will be blocked.
By: Texas Monkey Boutique

Thanks for all the help and support!



  1. I am a new follower from Thursday Blog Hop
    I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    That is very cute!! Love it

  2. It was your turn to make me cry this time. Your carseat tent turned out amazing, and I'm so touched that you thought to give Stacey the credit. I love that her ideas are still bringing happiness to others! I'm going to link this post to my FB, so our family can see it.

    Okay, now I'm really crying.


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