Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Help - Please Vote

Are you on Facebook? If so can you please help me out and vote for my little munchkin... If you go to the Texas Monkey Boutique Page and like them, then go to the 3-4 age group photos and click like on Laci's photo... it is the one below.

TMB Spring/Summer Model Search 3-4 Years Old
Laci Age 3
Ages 3-4 Each age group will have one winner. In the event that there is a tie a panel of judges will vote on the two pictures to determine a winner. To Vote: Only "Likes" for pictures are counted toward the votes. Comments on the photos are welcome but not counted towards the votes. If anyone leaves a negative, rude, or harassing comment it will be deleted and that person will be blocked.
By: Texas Monkey Boutique

Thanks for all the help and support!



  1. I did. Isn't it pretty? It is amazing what that D-90 can do. I don't have to try very hard, I mean I can shoot away and have an adorable model that makes things even easier! My mom was like... why does she have on a green bow with the denim dress? I said, "because there was green in the dress on the front that you couldn't see in the picture. She was like, oh, that makes sense. hehehe. It was taken at the train station in Grapevine. Perfect setting for this picture.

  2. Julie, I love your blog! Reminds me of Stacey's, which is a good memory to recall!


  3. To The Wolfleys... I cried reading that because that is honestly the sweetest comment ANYONE could have ever given me...

  4. :) Thank you for a sweet reminder of her life.

    Erin (The Wolfleys)


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