Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dr. Seuss Party Planning - Take 3 - Invitations Part 1

Last year when doing the invitations I told you all that the invites are VERY important to me. I believe that packaging is everything and that store bought invites are (as Bobby Boucher's momma would say) "The Devil". I know curse me now... here is your chance. I told you last year to forgive me if this was your thing, so that apology continues through this year. I keep thinking of that comment (I know it shouldn't bother me), and thinking that when this mom sees the invitations **which are now completed, YEAH! Doing the party dance** that she is going to want to hurl on me. <- not pleasant I know. Sorry!

Ok, so I am breaking this down into two parts because well A, I don't have the pictures of the other part to share, and B, part two is really AWESOME! Here goes with part 1. I am going to cover the following elements. The Envelope (remember I said packaging is everything), the reminder magnet, the directions, and Laci's picture.

The Envelope Front: I always like to put pictures that go with the party on the envelope... turned out pretty stinkin cute! I did put our address, but since not everyone needs to know where I live I opted to leave that generic for this purpose. Also, I used Laci's name instead of a real name or address as a sample for you.

The Envelope Back: It had to have a cute sticker to close it...

The Reminder Magnet Front: Reminder of when and where the party is at! I cut around the black line, put the sticker on, laminate them, then cut them out again, then put the magnet on... whew... that's a lot of work, but they always look perfect!

The Reminder Magnet Back: On the back we have the magnet for the fridge so they don't forget when and where it is and then also we have the following sticker.
Save the Date

Directions: No I am not sharing my exact directions to the casa; however, I didn't really show this to you last year and I think I should. It is a sheet that I made many moons ago that tells people exactly how to get to my house. It is awesome that I have this to include every year. Sorry for all the black outs, but I think it gives you the idea of how I did them and how useful it can be.

Picture of Laci: Last but not least, I always have a picture of my munchkin in the invitation so that everyone knows who's party they are attending. I got these printed in bulk at Walgreens. I love the photo, but was a tad disappointed that the color quality was a little darker when printed than I expected. But in short NO one will care but me, and it still looks good, so eh, whatever. Plus, when you submit them online you can get pictures printed for like 10 cents a piece... ahem... SCORE!

So what do you think of invitations part one? Are you exhausted yet? Lets just say, I am, because this took a LOT of work! I will take real pictures tonight hopefully to include in another post. It is hard to shrink down actual artwork to make it look OK, but I think you know what hard work I did to put this all together. Wait for tomorrow when you see the really cute part of the invite... this is nothin.



  1. Love the envelopes! Did you have the printed or was your printer able to print right up on the edge like that? Also your address is still on the magnet. Since you blacked everything else out I thought I should tell you. Good choice on the picture, Laci is just adorable!
    I can't wait to see part 2. I can't believe it gets better!

  2. Ashley... you are just too quick... I caught that the moment after I posted and and scrambled to take it down. Thank you for mentioning it though just in case! Yes the next part is just over the top other mom's will hate, ahem, I mean envy me... can't wait to share it! Oh, and I printed them on my printer. It got right up on the edge. Pretty nifty! Thanks hun!


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