Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Make My Sister Cry

HOW RUDE!!! My daughters birthday cakes this year were from Say it With Sugar so we have gone there and always gotten good customer service (posts about the cakes seen here and here).

My sister CALLED and spoke with someone about coming in today. They told her that was plenty of time for a cake this Saturday, June 5th. She went in this morning and the decorator (who is very talented) was incredibly rude to her and told her that they can’t do layer cakes on such short notice (even though the person on the phone said they can do anything in 72 hours) and that they couldn’t do many of the designs she was looking at doing that were in the book they had there of examples.

When my sister called me she was crying because they were so rude. She was planning on getting another cake for a June 19th party too. How sad that one of the owners herself can ruin a wonderful small town bakery for a whole family just do to a lack in customer service.

Sorry if you are having a bad day, but you should never leave someone in tears because you are stressed out. Get your people on the same page on what can and can't be done in 72 hours and when people should come in! I am extremely sad that you would treat someone so horribly especially when I have given you good press on my blog (links above) and through word of mouth.

What a bad way to start off a week! It makes me sad and upset that you made my sister cry because you lack the one thing EVERY business should strive to be the best at! CUSTOMER SERVICE! The customer is always right.

The good news is that my sister called ME and asked for another suggestion. I hopped on line and found the Rockwall Cake Factory who's cakes look just as cute aside from the writing on the cakes from SIWS. My sister called them and then texted me "The lady at the Rockwall Cake Factory was really nice and she said they could do it. Thanks for the suggestion! :)"

So for both Uncle Tim's Graduation parties, Aunt Jennifer's Birthday Cake and my Birthday Cake (all this month in June) I guess we will be going to be going to the Rockwall Cake Factory or another location with better customer service. Maybe one day Say it With Sugar will realize how being rude to one customer can make an impact.

Hope all my readers are having a better day than me!



  1. Word of mouth is the best/worst advertising anyone could ever get. I wish more businesses would realize that customers tell people about their experiances. . . Good or Bad. . . More so on BAD in my case. If someone is rude or unhelpful to me, you can bet your lunch I'm sharing that info with dozens of friends/family so they won't have to deal with the same mess.

  2. I am so sorry this happened! Shame on that person who made your sister cry. I'd fire off quite a letter. They owe her a big apology--and, IMHO, a free cake!
    Wish you lived here on Long Island. My bil owns and ice cream store and makes nice cakes. I bet he could have filled the bill, and he'd never be rude to a customer!


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