Monday, June 28, 2010

Bling Shoes

During my brain blank on Saturday night I started to pull out my Hot Fix tool becuase I had never played with it before (it intimidated me). I decided to put crystals on my flip flops. Go figure that as I plugged the thing in the hubby got home.

So first thing on Saturday morning I got up and began playing with it for the first time and tried to put those little crystals on my shoes. Well I say tried because I didn't get done before they started falling off. BUMMER!!! I didn't even get to take a picture of them on. But at least I know how to use the thing. After some quick googling I kind of found out that hot fix crystals don't work well on rubber and that you need to use E6000.

My luck I had the E6000, but not enough crystals to use. So what did I do? Stopped by Michaels of course and picked up a pack of larger crystals for $2.99 and used those suckers.

I think that for my frist attempt that the shoes which I already had (pardon the worn look), the glue I already had, and $2.99 for the crystals made an awesome blingy pair of shoes.



Pretty cute huh?



  1. I love all things that sparkle and glitter!! Fabulous job!!

  2. They turned out so cute! I have a little gem heat setter tool by Tulip but I don't use it nearly enough. Maybe I'll have to try this.

  3. Really cute! I tried this awhile back using flip flop glue and the crystals fell off here are there after being worn. I will try the E6000! Thanks for sharing.


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