Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dallas Zoo

This past weekend the hubby and I wanted to take Laci somewhere special. So in the effort to not watch something on TV or a movie and get out of the house we decided on the Dallas Zoo. We ended up getting a membership to the zoo, and have to go at least enough times for her to ride the carousal 77 more times so that I feel like I completly totoally get my monies worth. hehehe. It costs $2 every time if you don't have this particular membership, so if she goes 77 more times she will have surpassed that and made me feel like it is ok to have spent the money.

Other than the ride we had a GREAT time at the zoo and Laci loves seeing the animals. We love the new exhibit with the giraffes and elephants. We got to feed the giraffe again, which in cost is ridiculious, but amazing to be that close.

I snapped this as we were leaving the Giants of the Savannah area. My two goofballs are adorable sitting on this little elephant statue.

Laci and Daddy at the Zoo

Anyways, I can't wait to go back again soon. Espically with the camera we want to get. That would be awesome!


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