Monday, May 31, 2010

Dallas Zoo

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Every year my mom and her kindergarten class go to the Dallas Zoo in May. We always have a good time, but this time was the best in years! Why you ask? Well for starters my mom got a motor scooter for $25 for the day that you can rent in the gift shop. It was AWESOME! Second, Laci was old enough to really enjoy the zoo. She even asked Saturday morning to go back. We told her that we would soon. Part of the reason we didn't just head right back was because she had a recital on Saturday night that I will tell you about tomorrow. But the other reason was that they had just opened the Giants of the Savanna exhibit and we know it would be INSANE. We got so lucky that they did a soft opening on Thursday. We had such a good time. Here are some pictures of the great time!

Mommy and Laci by the Elephants
Mommy and Laci by the elephants (2)

Laci feeding the Birds
Feeding the bird

Laci and Aunt Jennifer with the Big Fish
Aunt Jennifer and Laci with the  big fish (3)

Laci on the butterfly bench (the one from last year is just like this one... my how my girl has gotten big, I will do a post about it later)
My cheesy girl on the Butterfly Bench

Close up of the penguin
Close up of penguin

Laci, Grammy and Aunt Jennifer
Laci Grammy and Aunt Jennifer

Laci on a Pony Ride
Pony Ride Picture

Aunt Jennifer Petting the Giraffe after she fed him Lettuce
Aunt Jennifer Petting the Giraffe

Cheetah Walking Towards Us
Cheetah Walking towards us

Lions Getting some Sun
Lions getting some sun

I have so many more pictures, but I don't really have time to add 113 of them. She had a blast, but the carousel was her favorite. I will add that into the butterfly post later.

Have a great Memorial Day!


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  1. great pictures! It looks like you all had a fantastic time!


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