Saturday, June 26, 2010

Craft Blank

I am sitting here in an empty house (Laci at Grammy's and Hubby getting overtime for a random weekend call) trying to come up with something new to make or do. I have been sitting here for an hour and a half and am just blank. I want to do something new and not copied from someone else or something that I have done before.

Why am I coming up blank? Is it because there are so many other things that I have seen that are cute that I want to do? Or is it because I am tired? Or is my mind on a crafting hiatus?

I just can't believe it. I have a room full of crafty stuff and am just BLANK! UGH, makes me kind of angry because I feel like I have waisted an hour and a half of time that I could have used to do something crafty. Oh well, I guess we all go through this slump.

At least we got our new camera today. The D90 from Nikon. We really like it, but wow... I have so much to learn. We took a lot of pictures today in automatic mode, but I hope to soon learn how to shoot in manual mode.

Alright, well to everyone out there in craft land... I hope you are having a great weekend and I hope to come up with something original soon.


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  1. I am in the same boat-we just got a Canon Rebel today and I am blown away by how much there is to learn! I am thrilled to be rid of my point-and-shoot though :) Good luck with learning the new camera!


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