Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yes, I said winners... Last week I posted that I was going to have a Giveaway. Well, I only had three participants so... I thought what the heck... I'll do one for each person. Now give me some time because I have a busy week and still will need to get the shirts when I go to Walmart and to JoAnns for paint on Friday (payday). Then I am trying to get my cricut machine to cut the wax paper to make my designs even cooler... so stick with me... I am really going to do you ladies right.

To be honest the true winner was The Harris Family (I would up load the random # thing, but seems kinda pointless - plus I am running out of time), but I thought oh.... what the heck. I'll do em' all. So I will be sending you three an e-mail from my work address tomorrow (about to leave for the dentist) requesting more info from ya.

The three designs I will be doing are...

The Harris Family wants a flower with the word love on it in a size 2. I am going to guess this is for lil miss "O". What a cute little button she is!

Jackie has asked for a size 5 shirt for her daughter "J" who loves anything to do with animals.

Misty over at The Creative Itch has asked for a size 3 shirt for one of her little boys who loves cars and trucks.

These should all be fun to do. I really hope that I can get my cricut to play along so that we have some ADORABLE lil shirts for the kiddos!



  1. Thats FANTASTIC!! My luck sticks when it comes to giveaways so I'm glad you decided to do them all. You are wonderful!!

  2. I saw your gift basket for Landry over on Oopsey Daisy! :)


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