Monday, June 7, 2010


I have nothing better to call this post than just plain ole "Stuff".

This weekend I was super busy with two graduation parties. Jake's cousin Andrew graduated from Irving HS and will be attending ACU. Also, my brother in law Tim was celebrating getting his Masters in Engineering from Baylor. It made for a busy weekend!

Yesterday the day FLEW by because I finished up my winners shirts (these will go out in the mail today), cleaned downstairs (except the dining room where the magic is happening since I need to clean my craft room - Is that bad that I am junkin up another room?), and had the fam over for dinner last night! It's ok though, because after 4 1/2 more days I am taking 5 days off!

Where am I going you ask? No where... Vacations will exist in 2-3 years when Laci is out of Daycare, at least (1) car is paid off and some of our other expenses go down.

Ok, so tomorrow my mom is having a triple fusion on her left ankle. I am scared an excited for her. This is the last surgery she will have to have before being able to really walk with out being in pain. She had surgery on her right ankle last summer before I started this blog. Then she had surgery on her hip in December, now she is having her other ankle done. I am very excited because in a couple years when we go to Disney World she will be able to go with us and really enjoy it.

Anyways, I so want to post pictures of the shirts, but I don't want to ruin the supprise for the winners. I will post pictures as soon as I know they have all gotten their shirts.

I could post pictures of some of the graduation parties, but they aren't any big deal. However, when I get the chance I do want to share how to paint a perfect line. My sister isn't real crafty, but this girl figured out to paint the most perfect lines with painters tape on the planet! She did her study and I am amazed at the beautiful job she did! It looks better than professional! I love her and she rocks!



  1.'re quick!! I can't wait to get my shirt!!

  2. Hey Julie-
    Thanks for the compliment on my tote and digital invite! Yes, you will get that good! I was really aprehensive about the whole digital thing because I thought I wasn't going to be able to understand, but with all of the great blogs out there and all of the tutorials, you can really learn alot and really fast too! And I'm not even a computer nerd. LOL


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