Friday, July 30, 2010

Mickey Party Questions

To no end it thrills me when someone asks me how to do something or has questions. I mean it is really exciting that something I did you want to know about. Now secretly I knew that someday... ok it took 4 months, but someday someone would call me on my BS and why I hadn't done a post about the gift bag.... So here are the questions and comments I received about Laci's 3rd birthday pary...


I found your blog online as I was searching for ideas with a Mickey theme for my daughter's birthday. The party you planned was AMAZING!
(insert a very large squeal from yours truly... I was beaming enough for the whole room to light up!) You put so much thought into it and it was very creative. I would like to copy some of your ideas so I was wondering if you could answer a few questions. (please do! It is what makes it worth it to post stuff... right ladies?)

1. Can you please tell me how to make the dipped oreo pops?
•1 package of "White Double Stuff Oreo Cookies" (they must be double-stuff or they won't work)
•1 package of melting chocolate (these are sold in bags & inside it looks like a giant Hershey's bar as you can break apart big chunks <--if you need a picture let me know)
•1 package of sucker sticks*
•1 package of small cellophane bags*
•Candy/Decorations for outside of the pops. Any candy works- crushed peppermint sticks, coconut, toffee, candy bits, etc.,.
* The melting chocolate, sucker sticks, small cellophane bags and decorations are all available at cake/candy supply stores.

1. Un-twist the oreos (while you are doing this heat up the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in small increments not to burn the chocolate) dip your sucker stick in chocolate about an inch and press it in the oreo. After you press them in add more melted chocolate on top of the stick and put the oreo back together. You may need to gently press the cookie together.
2.Place the oreo pops onto a cookie sheet that has been lined with wax paper. Place in the refrigerator to cool for 15-20 minutes. By cooling the cookies, it aids in helping the chocolate stick to the cookies easier.
3.Meanwhile, melt more chocolate according to package directions. Place the chocolate in a glass liquid measuring cup or other tall container (it makes it easier for dipping).
4.Remove the Oreo's from the refridgerator and dip each Oreo into the chocolate, just covering the Oreo. You may need to use a spoon to make sure it is evenly covered, shaking off the excess chocolate into the container. Place back onto the wax paper to dry.
5.Have your decorations close at hand because it only takes about 30 seconds before the chocolate starts to dry. I would suggest dipping 2-3 cookies, adding the decorations and then continuing to dip the remaining cookies.
6.Once all the cookies have been dipped & have their decorations, place back into the refrigerator to cool (make sure the dipped cookies are on the wax paper). They only need to cool for about 10 minutes before they can be wrapped in their cellophane bags and tied with ribbon. If you live in an area where it's warm, you may want to store these in the refrigerator. Otherwise, they will last fine at room temperature.

I know it sounds like a lot of directions- but they are so very simple and can be made rather quickly. The chocolate can be purchased in a variety of colors, red, green, white, which make these pops perfect for any holiday

2. Where did you get your dessert stand from?
I got this from Sam's Club, I have scoured their website and found nothing like it, but you can look on Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond. They have ones that are slightly similar... wish I could help out more on this one!

3. What did you for the gift bags?
As for the last question... thank you for getting me off my lazy bum and posting about it. So I started with what I love to start with... a white lunch sack bought in bulk at Sam's Club. I took the Mickey Mouse Cricut cartridge enlarged it as big as it would go and cut out the mickey mouse head in black scrapbook paper (bought in bulk at JoAnn's Fabric like 50 sheets per pack and cut in half for the cricut machine) and to close the bag punched two holes, used curly ribbon used for gift wrap and tied the bow.
Inside we made a coloring book that had a custom front page that I made. It was two pages front and back that were folded in half and stapled in the middle. I don't know where to load up files for download, if someone can suggest one I can upload it and you would just have to change the first page, or just use the second page folded in half. We also included into the bag...
1) Crayons (bought during back to school sale for less than 25 cents a piece <-- now would be a good time)
2) Mickey Gummy Snacks
3) Mickey Mouse Note Pad (from the dollar section in Target - you got a couple for a dollar)
4) Goofy Frisbee (bought at Party City you get like 4-6 per pack or something like that)
5) Dumb Dumb pops (got a huge bag at Sam's Club <-- do you see a reoccurring theme?)
6) A toddler version of the Rubik cube it was from the dollar store or something like that. My mom got them.

So there were quite a few things in the bag. It was pretty cool... the kids loved them! Here are some of the pictures I took tonight for you...

Hope this answers your questions and if anyone else has any questions. Please let me know.



  1. Ya know my little nephew just loves Mickey Mouse. I saved all that and sent it to my sister in law.

    Oh yes, I came by to tell you I gave you an award today!! :)

  2. How did you make the coloring page with her name on it?

  3. Great question Ashley... I kind of cheated in Microsoft Publisher. I put in a picture that coule be colored and added the words. If you send me your e-mail address to itssewstinkincute @ I can try and find the file to send to you that can be edited. Note that much frustration went into getting these larger files to print. What is the name you would want in there so that I can try and put the name in there and then PDF it for you.

  4. I loved all the food tags and have even considered doing the same for my daughter's Mickey/Minnie Mouse party :) Where did you find the little stands for the tags?

  5. Great question Kaci... lets see if I can find one of the places I have ordered from.

    Here is one from good luck!

  6. Would you be able to email me a copy of the coloring book? If so, my daughter's name is Addisyn. My email address is Thanks!!


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