Monday, August 2, 2010

New Mirror Decorated & Craft Room Sneak Peek.

As I have always said, the first business day of the month is totally crazy for me. I can barely keep my head on straight much less anything else. So I wanted to share a mirror that I decorated this weekend and a sneak peek in my craft room. So the mirror was from Home Depot for $4.00... I couldn't pass on getting two of them (maybe I will show you the other one tomorrow).

Question, do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a mirror without A you being in it and B it not looking crummy? So this is the best one I could get. So I took those wooden pieces you can buy 4 to a package in Hobby Lobby painted them, then hot glued them around the edge, added a clip on feather piece and some vinyl cut hearts. In total it costed less than $15 bucks and was lots of fun to make. Oh, and BTW when working with mirrors, don't forget you get the added bonus of painting the back side because it will show in the mirror... It's just an excuse to paint more, so lots of fun!

What do you think?


Also you get a sneak peek of 9 of the 35 cubbies on the wall and the hot pink paint coming through... it is pretty cool and looks much better than through a mirror, but I gave you a sneak peak... :o) Have a great week!


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