Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink Paint

Transformation has begun. Last night I went to Home Depot and had them "color match" my pink fabric that I wanted in the room. I have quotes, because it isn't an exact match, but it complements it very nicely. Plus, the fabric won't be hanging on that wall. So were good! I am so excited to get my furniture tomorrow morning.

You know I didn't realize how small the room really was until I started trying to move everything on the other side of the room to start painting. oy, vey. It was a tiny bit cramped. But I guess I shouldn't complain too much. At least I have a room for crafts right?

Funny though, not sure that they hubby was thrilled about the paint, actually I don't think he fancied it at all, so instead of being his usually helpful self he stayed on the couch and watched some yucky sci-fi movie. It's fine though because you feel a sense of empowerment with DIYing it you know? This was also good for me because I listened/watched She's The Man with Amanda Bynes while painting. I wouldn't have enjoyed watching anything sci-fi.

Pink Paint

By the way, if you were thinking about painting your room at all... please take my advise and think twice. It is exhausting... but I guess it is rewarding to see it done. I'll let you know how I feel after it is done. How's that?

So what do you think of the color? It's only going to be on the one wall. I got some black spray paint to do some other items that will be in the room, I am pretty stoked! Yippie and HAPPY FRIDAY YA'LL!



  1. Oh LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Oh I can't wait to see the final outcome! Hey, your hubby doesn't have to like it! LOL

  2. Oh my heck, I love it. I always say, when in doubt, pink is always the right choice!


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