Monday, July 26, 2010

Craft Room Update

I know, sorry there aren't any pictures, but I really think I am going to wait until I am compleltly done with decorating before I show it off. Plus, I still have LOTS of organizing and work to do on getting it how I want it. I have to say Haley, you are right... he doesn't have to like it! It's MY room to be creative, and he never goes in there anyways. I must say thought, it does look AWESOME!

I can't remember who else said that they have the same cubbies and desk area (too lazy to look back through comments), but it is the best thing I could have asked for. I mean I am using the exact same amount of space in the room, if not less, but I now have tons of storage. 35 cubbies to be exact. Thats a lot of room to fill stuff up in. I ended up going with the 5 tall ones, I didn't realize till I got there that the 4 was just so short. I absolutly love it!

Anyways, I found somethings that I completly forgot I had and I REALLY look forward to working with them. I also got a reminder of all of my unfinished projects. BOOOO... I have a HUGE denium rag quilt to finish and also have a very large quilt that I need to keep working on for my mom to maybe finish it for Christmas.

Ok, well enough about that. I had a great weekend and look forward to sharing it with all of you once I am done with it. Until then, I might be able to start doing some crafting for the room since I now have a semi-organized space. I can't wait to start doing crafts again. For now... back to work. I have to go shoot some training video stuff in 50 minutes. If you want to see me in my You Tube day view for work go here.


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  1. Like maybe a sneak peak picture?! LOL 35 Cubies! That is so many! Oh you are going to LOVE it! So excited for you!


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