Thursday, July 1, 2010

Laundry Basket Labels

Ok, so like MONTHS ago I made these labels for my four laundry baskets, but I couldn't ever get myself to finish the project... that is until "How To" Homemaker inspired me to finish with their link party that included organizing.

So I made White, Black, Red and Blue labels. Matted them on the Cardstock and laminated them with the home laminator I have and cut them out. Then all I had to do was attach velcro and put them on the baskets.

Here are my laundry baskets...



Why didn't I finish these three months ago? Well that's easy... I lost them right after I made them. So when I was cleaning my craft room and found them I was over the moon! I love them and it is already easier to sort the clothes! So a big thanks goes to "How To" Homemaker for inspiring me to finish my project!



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  1. I love those labels. (we have the same laundry baskets!)
    Glad I inspired you to get them finished and thanks so much for linking up!


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