Friday, July 9, 2010

Really? A coffee cake?

So it is someone’s birthday in the office and as we usually celebrate, I hate to buy stuff at the store pre-made. So I said I’ll make the cake, just tell me what she likes.

So another co-worker asked her what her favorite was and she couldn’t choose cheesecake (since I don’t make cheesecake). What does the birthday girl request? Yup, coffee cake. Are you serious was my first thought. It doesn’t come out of a box, I don’t have a recipe for it, and I almost said the hell with it I’ll buy one, but I really don’t have a clue where to buy one from that would be good anyways.

Yesterday I found a recipe for a coffee cake by the Bearfoot Contessa. Found here that had five stars on the food network website. So I got the pan and other ingredients I needed and after about an hour prep (I am slow ok… I measure and re-measure and make a HUGE mess in my kitchen) I finally got it in the oven.

This morning I added the glaze, because I went to bed while it was cooling. Anyways, I hope it turns out good, because honestly it was more work than I was originally offering up. Next time, the choices will be limited to a box cake and a homemade frosting.


Anyways, what do you think? It smells good and looks good, so hopefully the taste is on par.



  1. Looks fabulous!!. . . My birthday is in May. . .I'll email you my address. Hahaha

  2. can i have just a teensy sliver? my tummy is growling!


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