Monday, July 19, 2010

Anxiety Phase? Is it over yet?

I am flabbergasted!!! I just checked for the first time and I have 16… yup… 16 entries to It’s Stinkn’ Cute Craft Thursday!!! I am so excited! I have been so busy that I just hadn’t gotten around to it, so I guess I have some things to look at this afternoon and some people to thank for stopping by. Yippie! That just MADE MY DAY!

On to my reason for posting… Have you ever had one of those weekends that you don’t really feel like you have gotten anything done? Yet, you are tired, and just want to have a do over…

Well that is exactly how my weekend went. Here is a small recap:

Friday Night: After receiving a nice little reminder from our HOA it was time to get the weeds/grass extra greenery out of the flowerbed we had some work to do. So an exhausted husband and 3.5 hours later we tore the whole flowerbed up… sprayed down weed/grass killer (no we don’t care about not being able to plant for a while) took all the junk and current flowers out, pulled up all the rocks, killed some spiders, put down mulch, finished it off with some lighting from Walmart that is solar. I would show you a picture, but I haven’t taken one yet. After that and taking a quick shower I cooked the cake and put them out on the wire racks to cool and made the icing while the cake was baking.

Saturday (this is where the fun really begins): Woke up early, all three of us went to get hair cuts (Laci got her first real hair cut and did SO GOOD!), went home and changed, went to a child’s birthday party, came home, went to the store for some cake supplies, came home and finished the cake (FYI – Nutella and buttercream mixed together make an EXCELLENT cake filling), then went to the neighbor across the street’s house for her birthday party this is the party the cake was for, then went home grabbed Laci’s stuff, took her to my mom’s where she proceeded to tell us to leave <-it was pretty cute, then Jake and I went to another birthday party for a soccer friend at a local bar that has karaoke… got home about 2:30 (yes am) and crashed…

Sunday: Was supposed to go to IKEA, but woke up at 9… hubby woke up soon after and said he wanted to go to Home Depot and Half Price Books. I am going to admit here is where my day started off pretty crummy. I REALLY want to get my craft room in shape so that I can find everything and have more inspiration, but I guess I will have to wait at least until next weekend. So we went out to those other stores and while in HPB we didn’t really find anything to use our coupon on. I have REALLY wanted an iPad since I got Jake his, and so we went in Best Buy to see if they had any. No such luck. So both things I have been wanting I don’t have time to drive an hour to get. Grrrrr. So we finished our errands and went to get Laci from Grammy’s for cheerleading. Get to cheerleading and she is perfectly fine skipping around, that is until Coach Monica starts to come over to get her for her private. Then she starts balling and hiding behind us. Please tell me that this is a short lived phase because she knows better and this cannot continue. I can’t take much more of it. Just wait my reasons get better. So finally she gets calmed down and goes and has a good time. When done we go to the gym. She refuses to go play in the kids area which is totally awesome I wish I were a kid again. So we get upset and left. Go home, make Laci take a nap. Once she gets up she can only read, color and try and learn how to use her computer (she doesn’t consider this a toy yet). After an exhausting couple of hours Laci goes to bed and is mad at me that I took her stuffed animals away. Will this anxiety get better? PLEASE tell me yes and soon. It has been about 3-4 weeks now and I can’t take much more. It is terrible!

I was so glad to come to work today… I am just exhausted! Sorry if my recap is jumbled and poorly written... I am a little out of it. If you have any suggestions for a 3.5 year old having anxiety attacks even thought she knows better advise or thoughts are welcome.

How was your weekend?


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  1. Hi Julie!!!
    So I got yer comment on my vinyl post...I would totally go for a HOT pink craft room! That would be 'sew stinkin' cute.' hehe:)
    The hardest thing with vinyl isnt so much the paint {IMO} but its the texture on the texturing is rough so I REALLY had to work on getting it to stick!
    GOOD LUCK with deciding!
    -Amanda@ thepaisleycupcake
    BTW~ my weekend was fab;)


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